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Tech sis 101: Blocking the connection

My apartment has been having a myriad of issues. From a leaking bath, to a non-functioning Internet service.

Yes, things like this happen “in the abroad” too. Including mosquitoes and cockroaches. Its just that the mosquitoes do not spread malaria and as for the cockroaches, I am yet to see them.

To cap it all, the housing agency is dragging their feet when it comes to fixing these issues. I have come up with some theories why this is so, racism maybe?… But this is story for another day. I have a post coming out on this soon. It is definitely going to be a juicy one.

The gist for today is this, I had to find an alternative for the Internet problems.

My options were – use mobile hotspot, or better still look for somewhere to do any work that requires using the Internet from, which is everything.

Crazy to imagine how the world survived before internet.

Well, since I could not find a convenient place, I stayed home and I connected my phone. Spending more money on mobile Internet service, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

On this fateful day, I woke up quite late and hurriedly tried to connect my work laptop to my mobile hotspot. Men and brethren, the laptop said not today, and refused to connect.

Was this not the same laptop that connected without any hassle the day before, what is happening?

As per women in tech, I told myself I got this. Troubleshooting mood activated.

Re-started both the laptop and my phone, still no show. Ah, tech sis in the mud. I was falling my hand.

I needed to be signed in at a specific time, and I was starting to get worried as all my efforts were proving futile. Time was against me, I was late.

To make matters worse, I had some left over task from the day before with a deadline for that morning. Devil, is a liar!

There is this saying that, ‘when troubles¬† come, they come not single spies but in battalions’.

Texted my work emotional support person and she told me to try a few things. She also offered to get across to someone in IT, maybe it was the laptop.

Get you someone who you can call on when stressed, my nigerian people will say, “e get why”.¬†

We must defeat this issue in all angles, So I began praying under my breath. My prayer sometimes does not pass, God abeg oh.

I tried connecting my personal laptop to the mobile hotspot, and boom, it connected.

So what was wrong then with the connection to my work laptop? My daily 2k had to be earned.

The weapons fashioned against me looked like they were having the upper hand for some minutes.

Somehow the idea came to do a 3 way connection.

I used my personal laptop as a hotspot for the work laptop. So it was phone to personal laptop, personal laptop to work laptop and it connected.

Thanking God and claiming victory for all the women in tech.

I was already 30 minutes late, but better late than never.

So far, my apartment WiFi is yet to be fixed, and I have connected this way for over a week now.

But this morning, as I tried to connect, I decided to check the list of blocked devices of my phone.

Sometimes unknown devices try to randomly connect to my phone when the hotspot is on, and I just add them to the list of blocked devices

Guess what, I was the weapon fashioned against my own self.

I was the one deliberately blocking my connection. I had unknowningly added my work laptop to my list of blocked devices.

Now, that I think of it, in how many ways have I(we) been blocking my (our) own blessings and looking for solutions elsewhere? God abeg oh.

It is a great to do a personal check up constantly. The problem might not be coming from outside, it might be from within.

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  1. Dozzy says:

    Lol. Tech woman! I hail thee!

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