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On the pursuit of happiness: Habits that affect your happiness

Everyone want to be happy but only a few are truly happy. True Joy and happiness has to come from within you.   A lot of us keep chasing after those things we think will make us eventually happy, but its an endless pursuit. When we do get those things, we sadly discover that the …

Awesome budget friendly self care Ideas

Awesome (Budget friendly) self care Ideas for when you are stressed

Life can be overwhelming, I say this with every certainty there is.   And that is why we need to actively and consciously take a step back and take care of ourselves. Before we start losing it.   You can’t really be there for other people, if you are not taking care of yourself.   …

Meaning of black friday and cyber Monday

Meaning of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and how to get the best deals

Its November and you know what that means, holiday season is upon us. Time to get shopping. With Christmas, a season fraught with gift giving just in a few weeks, now is the time to snatch up those affordable steals while you still can. Thankfully, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What is it …

How to forgive and forget

On forgiveness: Is it possible to forgive and forget?

Do you know that the phrase ‘forgive and forget‘ has no place in the Bible? With forgiveness seen as the most “good person” thing to do, Is it a must? Forgiveness is not something you do for another person, it is for yourself. It is a selfish act. Sometime ago, I harbored some hurt and …

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5 things I am learning from Patricia Bright

If you are familiar with youtube vlog content, chances are you have come across a Patricia Bright video. With over two million subscribers, you can’t miss her The first time I came across the name Patricia Bright was in the 2014. I had recently started school and found myself with limitless access to the internet. …