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How to forgive and forget
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On forgiveness: Is it possible to forgive and forget?

Do you know that the phrase ‘forgive and forget‘ has no place in the Bible? With forgiveness seen as the most “good person” thing to do, Is it a must? Forgiveness is not something you do for another person, it is for yourself. It is a selfish act. Sometime ago, I harbored some hurt and …

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Surprise Baby shower, event planning and African time.

So I attended my first Surprise baby shower and not only did I attend, I planned it! You know what they say about creating opportunities if none is available?…😁 Ever since the mama told me she was expecting,  my head has been spinning in wheels. Decided to throw her a baby shower because why not? …

Life as an International student in denmark
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life as a International student in Denmark

I have seen a lot of articles from students who have studied and are studying in different countries, their experiences helped me and gave me a little glimpse of what I should expect, and I am grateful for that. I would like to add my own experiences to the pool of resources available to future …