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On securing the bag

On securing the bag

Someone commented on the career trajectory of Issa Rae. She is a perfect definition of doing what needs to done to secure the bag.

Another person, I absolutely look up to in that regard is Patricia Bright.

For so long, I had this belief that I needed to be attached to one thing to be successful. When I say, one thing, I mean one job, one career path, etc. Thankfully, not anymore.

This belief is quite limiting if you ask me.

Looking at my CV, someone commented that it seems I have been all over the place. Well, the person didn’t say it exactly like this, but this was implied.

It wasn’t said in a deragotory manner either. It was more like wow, you have dabbled into various career paths.

To be honest, they are not wrong.

I reached out to a professional once to help me review my CV, so it at least made some sense. I wasn’t willing to leave out any of my experiences because I believe they all count for something.

While working in those various positions, I learnt a lot and I picked up valuable skills along the way, that can crossover.

The professional told me to divide my experiences into segments based on jobs that align. E.g, all administrative jobs in one segment, all writing jobs in one segment, etc,.. instead of just listing my experiences in a chronological order. It made a lot of sense so I did.

My dabble into different career paths wasn’t all borne out of curiosity, or from not having a goal. It was more an adaptation process and from a need to survive.

There are points in life people get to and they want to experience something different.

There are also points people get to, and they do not know what they want to do with their lives anymore, probably because of the ever changing circumstances around them.

It’s OK not to know for sometime, there is not a definite blueprint.

One thing I pride myself on, is being able to adapt and make the best out of the suituations I find myself.

I still do have a goal, but like the proverb says, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

If you are among the ‘lucky’ ones that have all the need from one career path, and are able to get into it from the get-go, I am happy for you.

The one blueprint I know is this, seest thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before Kings, he shall not stand before mean men,… and whatever thy hands finds to do, do it with thy might…

P.S: Now, this is just my opinion and I truly believe everyone is allowed to think differently. We weren’t created to be robots.

Whichever way you think, good luck to you on your securing the bag journey.


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  1. Honestly, I think I’m also everywhere. 😂😂

    I worry about not having a straight-line career path. But I think, just like you, it’s a good thing.

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