My biggest cheerleader has taken a final bow

My cheerleader

On Sunday, I danced like I had not in a while. It was praise Sunday.

I danced not minding the fact that I hadn’t heard from her in 12 days. Dad kept repeating they were fine.

Monday, I get up to go about my day with the sickening feeling that everything wasn’t OK and my life as I knew it was about to change.

Everyone was avoiding talking to me. Chats were being left unread and calls were not being returned. The one person I could communicate with at that time said everything was fine, so I held on to that little glimmer of hope.

And then 2 hrs later, I get called out and the greatest saddest news of my life is confirmed. My best friend was gone. I was not prepared, I cried like my intestines would spill.

Hours later, I get a further shock, it’s been a week! So I danced on Sunday and she was already gone? Oh, the guilt!

Today marks exactly a month since I lost my friend. The only sister I ever had and the greatest friend a girl can ever ask for, my mum. When I was little I used to ask to have a sister and she told me I was her sister, and a sister she was indeed.

I have looked for the right words to use, I have written, edited and deleted severally, and I have come to a conclusion that maybe someday but now I have no words.

Although, She had begun to prepare us for her demise two months before, but I still didn’t expect her to die. Is one ever prepared for loss?

You see as a child brought up in a strong Christian home, I have been conditioned to believe a lot of things, one of them miracles. Not that I do not believe them now, but I do have quite a lot more questions than answers.

My feelings over time have ranged from disbelief, guilt, anger, puzzlement indifference and now peace. Yes, I was angry at God and the health care system. I was angry that he took away the one friend of mine who served him faithfully. Oh, she loved God. Aren’t good things supposed to happen to good people? And the system, I will deal with that later.

Hey mum,
I have peace concerning your demise. The peace you prayed that I have the last time I had the opportunity to have a lengthy conversation with you.

Though now the world is a little less interesting, the lights shine a little dimmer, there is a little less bounce in my step, and you left me at a the most crucial time of my life, I know you wanted the best for me and in your honour I will get the best and be the best.

Adieu to my biggest cheerleader and the world’s greatest mum. I love you.

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  1. Akomaye Glorie says:

    OMG so sorry about your loss my darling sis, i lack words but i can only console you by saying it is well cos she is in a better place. May God strengthen the family she left behind.

  2. Sophia (oyinn) says:

    Take heart sis…. She really fought the good fight of faith. May God grant her eternal rest… Rest on mummy.

  3. Ambi Anita says:

    So Sorry for your loss. May God comfort your heart dear and keep granting you peace.

  4. Aduke says:

    Mrs Muagba would never be forgotten for she was a great woman. Naomi..you are in my prayers. Mum is definitely in a better place and I pray you keep making her proud. Pls accept my condolences and I pray for strength in this tough time??Aduke

  5. Forstina says:

    May her soul rest in peace. It is well dear.

  6. Sunny says:

    I’m sorry Naomi, this is so untimely. I’m so sorry for the lost. May she find rest & and May God give unto you, the family & we the well wishers the fortitude to bear the lost; so sorry.

  7. Mrs. G. M. Ogunmoyede says:

    This came as a huge shock this morning ? haa. I pray the Holy Spirit comfort the immediate family, the body of Christ and friends as I believe strongly she’s happy and rejoicing over there now. Take heart dear. Accept my heart felt condolences.

  8. MaryRose Adole says:

    It is well. We were all shocked beyond words my dear.

  9. I’m so sorry for the loss Sis. I Pray that the Holy Spirit comforts you. All will be well.

  10. It is well Naomi.
    Mummy is sure in a better, brighter and greater place.
    I pray that God’s peace will continue to guide you. And even though a friend like your mum is hard to replace, I yet pray you will find a friend that will walk the rest of your journey with you and warm your heart, and brighten your eyes, like no one else has ever done.

  11. Peter says:

    Great shock indeed. The Comforter will comfort you, the vacuum is wide but God will stand in the gap for you. Accept my condolence.

  12. You know, I keep telling myself you’re one of the strongest ladies I’ve ever met.

    May her soul rest in peace, and I’m assured that you’ll be and get the best.

  13. David Agk says:

    How can i forget Mrs Muagba.? A mother figure to all those she taught.. I remember her favorite line whenever we are together “My name is Agk”..and i will smile. Even though you had to go the way of all mortals no doubt you left your foot prints in the sands of many lives. You ran the race and when the creator deemed it fit, the other side of life (Eternity) was opened for you. So many unanswered questions within notwithstanding Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord..Some day we shall meet to part no more at the pearly gate.. Rest on Mummy..

  14. Ijeoma uju muoka says:

    May the Holy Spirit comfort you all.

  15. Hope says:

    Noami my darling.I know how it feels to lose a parent especially in their prime age.But then we can not question our maker he know it all.He will also comfort and strengthen you.accept my condolence.

  16. Esther says:

    Hey Naomi,
    This came as a shock to us all but we know God’s ways are not our ways. Remember the song “God will take care of you through everyday all the way”
    The Lord will confort you (us) all.
    Good Bye Mummy

  17. Buki Ajayi says:

    Naomi, please take heart and be strong in this trying time. God is the greatest comforter, He will comfort you and the family. We joy in the hope that we will meet to part no more. May her soul rest in peace. Amen

  18. Mercy says:

    So sorry for your loss dear Naomi, I know words won’t soothe the pain, we take solace in the fact that mummy is resting in the bosom of the Lord. Do accept my depressed sympathy.

  19. Thelma Akomaye says:

    Hi dear, please accept my heartfelt condolence. I cannot say I know what you feel but God that allowed it be knows what you are feeling and will comfort you. May peace and comfort be yours and your family throughout this period and continuously.

  20. dorcas gantsock says:

    Hmmmm, its well dear
    God grant you strength to bear the loss

  21. Marios K says:

    I’m sure she’ll eternally be looking over you from the skies and will continue to be extremely proud of the woman you’ve become.

  22. Farouk Abdulsalam says:

    My dear friend, I can’t say or imagine how you feel, sorry for this irreplaceable loss. Am sure of one thing though she is in good hands and we, I for one is great full for the gift she left behind…a wonderful daughter. Be strong, Almighty Allah will console and comfort you. My regards to dad and your brother.

  23. Toyin says:

    So sorry, I pray this peace you have found, remains and may your heart be healed.

  24. Joy says:

    I have no words! Nao no words, for the first time in my life no ‘platitudes’ to give, Just numb. But
    You’re going to get through it somehow. I don’t know how but you will.
    Love You.

  25. sunny roland Entonu says:

    Indeed she was a friend n a mother . D last time I was in kaduna I asked after u n daddy told me u are sick bt recovering. Did is shocking .. Adieu mummy rest in peace

  26. Dr Tolulope Obe says:

    Naomiiiiiiiiii……. Hmnnnnn….. God knows….. I pray God grants you the fortitude to bear the loss…… Sweet Mummy…. Rest on…. Your memories live long………

  27. Ekaette says:

    So sorry to hear about your mom demise. May God strength you all. Amen

  28. Mathew Auta says:

    May the soul of mummy continue to find eternal rest, haven read through the piece, there is no doubt mummy is highly missed by all and sundry and not only you or siblings. Adieu Mum

    1. Legalalien says:

      She is, Thank you.

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