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On loving

Simple presents to gift your loved ones

Strolling twitter streets as usual and I am struck by how much people lament. By now you all should be used to my twitter strolling.

Those streets are cool, because you can find so many rare gems but also lots of dirt.

You have to learn how to seive through the dirt though.

Sometimes when I get so engrossed in the streets, I tell myself to take a step back, relax, read books, get back in touch with my personal values, and converse with my loved ones.

Now on the subject of loved ones, I see many lament sometimes how they go all out for loved ones, only to be backhanded with betrayal.

Then they feel so bad for all the love they showered on the person or persons, because they see it as a waste.

My school of thought is different.

When I love, I love. Once the recipients do not appreciate my love, I move forward because I am a strong believer that the right people will appreciate all the love I have to give.

I move on gallantly with absolutely no regrets. I am never afraid to change course.

Sincerely, I will only have major regrets if I claimed to love and didn’t show it enough. Maybe because there was abundance of love growing up in my family and our background has a way of shaping us.

I don’t believe we must show love based on what we need to get in return. We show love because we love truly and honestly.

Sincerely, It does feel foolish at times, but then anytime those thoughts of being foolish come, be reminded that Jesus Christ loves us even with our many shortcomings, and we are commanded be like Him.

It is not your fault whoever did not consider it good enough for them. That is a ‘them problem’ not a ‘you problem’.

Yes, betrayal hurts and you are allowed to feel bad, but it should not change the core of who you are, and the love you have to give.

When you are slapped with a betrayal when all you did is love, dust yourself up and keep it moving.

All this to say that, love not because of what you can get in return, but love because the greatest commandment is to love.

Your reward will come definitely,
maybe not in the way you think it will.

As my good friend OluMabel says, “God is not a user, He is rewarder” .

Have enough courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time. – Maya Angelou


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