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Early Morning routines for success and happiness
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Early Morning routines for success and happiness

Mornings are cool. They signify the start of something new. A brand new day. There 3 different categories of people, those who function better at night, those who function better in the morning and those who can function at anytime, and we can add a fourth, those who are always tired no matter the time …

How to stop being unmotivated
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Feeling unmotivated: 6 ways to get out of that rut

Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered about anything. Somewhere at the back of your mind, you are aware of the things you need to get done but you can’t just get yourself to begin them. Ever since the world has been on lock-down, I have felt very unmotivated. I have all this time …

Morning habits that ruin your day
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Morning routine: Unhealthy habits that can ruin your day

Anytime, I think of the word morning, It signifies a fresh start. The previous day has rolled away through the night, and the morning brings with it a whole world of possibilities. But it very easy to ruin this fresh start with some of our habits. It is accepted that there are good and bad …

It is the age of corona virus
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It is the age of Corona Virus, but you seriously need to stop panicking

If you haven’t heard of Corona Virus, then you have probably been living under a rock. Its the rave everywhere, and has officially been declared a pandemic by WHO.   Since 1900, there has only been 8 other times when an outbreak was considered a pandemic. The latest was in the year 2009 with the …

Time management tips for productivity
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Productivity and time management tips: Making the most out of 24hrs

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to achieve a lot in 24 hrs and you are there just wondering how it is night time already. and you seem not to have gotten anything done despite your best efforts?   Or are you one who feels 24 hrs just isn’t enough and so …

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On the pursuit of happiness: Habits that affect your happiness

Everyone want to be happy but only a few are truly happy. True Joy and happiness has to come from within you.   A lot of us keep chasing after those things we think will make us eventually happy, but its an endless pursuit. When we do get those things, we sadly discover that the …