The one about God and the GPS

God and GPS?

What do these two have being in the same sentence?

Hear me out.

You are driving to an event at a place you haven’t been before. Prior, you have been sent the address and you have a GPS.

You type in the address and the familiar navigation voice comes on.

… turn right, at the intersection take the left turn…and it goes on and on…

For some reason, you believe you are familiar with this route, so you take a turn you think will get you to your destination faster.

Oh well, your GPS begins recalculating, there is a construction on this route so it’s going to take a while longer.

A journey of 1 hour and you end up arriving 3 hours later.

Now you have a choice.

You can either complain of the wasted time, and probably missing out on some part of the event (if you are attending a Nigerian event, you probably won’t miss anything), or you can choose to be happy that you at least made it, and enjoy the rest of the event.

Your mindset and perspective will determine how much you get out of this experience.

As much you lost some time on the way because of a detour you thought would get you there faster, it was a choice you made, and with every choice in life, there are consequences.

Consequences can be both positive and Negative. They could also be teachable moments.

Now you decide that it’s better late than never, so you sit and enjoy the rest of the event, Kudos.

Luckily, someone you joyfully struck a conversation with, has taken an extra pack of the fried rice and chicken that was served before you arrived, and they share that with you.

You finish up and now a whole lot wiser, you get into the car to drive home from the event.

You decide this time to take the route proffered by the GPS, lesson learned.

The fried rice sharer who has now become an acquitance, even hitches a ride with you halfway.

They are giving you Premuim gist back to back.

All is well, and you are home in an hour.

Home now, you go in to take a shower, but before you do, you put on the TV and your local news channel comes up.

It’s showing some advert, so you go in to take your shower.

As you walk out, you glance at the scene on your TV screen. It’s a picture of a ghastly accident involving several cars on the highway.

The reporter reports that the accident occurred on the route you just took back home.

You check the timeline for the accident, its exactly 7hours ago, the same time you were on your way to the event.

You are fortunate to live in a developed country, accidents are normally cleared out as fast as possible

So how do you feel right now? Relieved, grateful? Or do you still remain sad that you missed some part of the event?

As much as choices have consequences, I am not really scared of making so called ‘bad choices’, as long as they are not deliberate.

Because like a GPS, I will always get re-routed and I will get to the destination.

This I believe because I have God and I am not making decisions outside of him.

He has put GPS like mechanisms for me and in me, the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

Now once in a while I may take a detour (based on familiarity or ‘I too know‘) that might delay me, but I will get to my destination and I will enjoy the rest of the event.

And I will have someone to share extra rice and chicken with me and if there is none, I will go home and eat.

God providing for me according to his riches in glory, there will always be food at home.

And just maybe the detour may be saving me from something that could destroy me. I might never know.

Like a GPS, I believe God always has a way to re-direct his children when they take a detour, so they arrive at where He wants them to be. 

Also, don’t be too focused on the delay, that you end up not enjoying the rest of the event.



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