… Sometimes He calms His child

Sometimes he calms his child

The past few days saw my anxiety level skyrocket through the roof. Normally, I pride myself on being calm when faced with situations, but this time I just could not be calm.

My anxiousness was actually leading me to behave in certain ways that I look back now and I marvel.

At some point, I started experiencing physical pain, I just couldn’t bear the situation.

But then I decided to do the one thing I knew would help me. I prayed and I told God exactly how I was feeling, asking him why I had to feel that way.

I asked him to take away those feelings of anxiousness.

There is no hiding from God anyway, because he sees and knows our heart. So this was not a time for pretty prayer.

And God came through big time. That’s why I share. He reminded me of what was most important, because in my anxious state, I was loosing sight of Him and those things that truly did matter.

The truth is, anxiety is rooted in unbelief. Another truth is, even as Christians, we go through some form of anxiety at times.

I woke up at night, and unlike before, there were no heart palpitations. I was calm and peaceful. It was like someone just poured cold water over my body, and I became so excited.

The situation that was causing my anxiety did not change, but God made me change.

And these lines from the lyrics of this song by Scott Krippayne flashed through my mind, “sometimes He calms the storm, and othertimes He calms his child.

The bible says, God keeps us in perfect peace when our minds are stayed on him. This is my best scripture.

Unfortunately, like the story of Peter in the Bible, I had started looking at the water, forgetting the one who called me to come.

When your mind, body and soul is feeling threatened, God wants you to trust.

God is still in the business of answering prayers, and no, many times, He does not come through in exactly the way we expect, but He does.

It is not always a straight line to the destination, sometimes you have to climb mountains and ford streams.

Rest in His arms. Whatever is causing those feelings of anxiousness, take them to God sincerely in prayer.

The key point here is sincerity of heart. God knows already what is in your heart, so there is no point playing games with Him.



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  1. Christian Ugochukwu Nwaebe says:

    Great to know he’s still has our interest at heart.

    1. Legalalien says:

      He always does

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