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How God sees me

How God sees me

I recently got into a disagreement with somebody, and then the person used some words to describe me.

After that, I lost all appetite, just wanted to crawl under my blanket and sleep. But sleep was not forthcoming, so I stood up and took a walk around my neighborhood and had a heart to heart talk with myself.

I examined my behavior to see how my actions could have warranted that individual to classify me that way, but the deeper question was why I had allowed someone’s description of me in a moment of disagreement to affect the way I saw myself.

At the end of the day, if I allow what everyone says about me to affect the way I saw myself then I would continually be changing opinions about myself, because humans are fickle minded.

What is more important in the grand scheme of things is how God sees and qualifies me and how I see myself in the light of God’s word.

When God created me he called me perfect. Not perfect because I do no wrong, but perfect because he keeps perfecting me. Psalm 139:13

God had called me and chosen me to be his even before the world began. Ephesians 1:4. Jeremiah 1:5

He has forgiven me, and all my sins are lost in the sea of forgetfulness. Micah 7:9, psalm 103:12

I am loved. Romans 5:8

I am a member of God’s chosen generation, a royal priesthood, called forth to show the praises of him who had called me out of darkness into light. 1 peter 2:9

I am the righteousness of God. 2 cor 5: 21

I am light, a city set on a hill that can never be hidden. Matthew 5:4

I am God’s masterpiece. Made for more than just ordinary living. Ephesians 2;10

…And many more…

You may have had experiences that want to make you doubt who are, that is just a trick of devil. Because the way you see yourself affects what you do, how you carry yourself and what you eventually become. It is popularly said that when the purpose of a thing is not know, abuse is inevitable.

Remind yourself daily of who you are and how God sees you, and don’t let anyone use words to qualify you that go against what God has said, and never internalize those words.

If certain behaviors needs to be worked out, definitely work on them.

Look at yourself through the eyes of God and never forget that you are precious and of great value.




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  1. Anwi Josephine says:

    Needed this so much. We need to Constantly remind ourselves of whom we are and align ourselves in God’s perspective. It is very easy to give in sometimes and to see ourselves to be whatever any Thom and…sees or says about us.

  2. Drealsumzy says:

    Thank you for such a great message reminding us who we actually are and not who people sees or called us to be. Yes I’m who God says I’m.

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