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Gratitude list 2019

gratitude list 2018

2019 is coming to an end in a few days and its that time when I take stock and mention all the things I am grateful for in this year. When I look back over the year, all I can say is whew, is it finally ending?

I struggled to write this post because just by looking at how these year went, I am tempted to say that I have nothing to be grateful about, but that will be a lie. I do have a lot to be grateful about. Here I was thinking last year was bad, but this year showed me that things could get worse.

At some point, I was convinced that I may have committed some grave sin that God was punishing me for because this year felt like hell.

Now if a year could feel this bad, I don’t want to know what the real hell would feel like. One thing I did learn this year is that everything is temporary, be it moments, feelings, people and flowers.

But the purpose of gratitude is not to talk about all that went wrong this year, but to focus on all that did go right this year.

In everything I give thanks for:

1. life

I am alive and grateful. The statement when there is life there is a hope for a better tomorrow has never rang so true for me as it did this year. So the first thing I am grateful for is life because with life, I am able to correct the mistakes of the past, I am able to aspire to be better than I was yesterday as one who is still a work in progress.


2. Health

I am not one to fall sick that often, In-fact, I hate hospitals. Unfortunately, while I started writing my gratitude list and before I published it, I had written on being grateful for not visiting the hospital. Well, I did eventually have to visit the hospital but I am grateful I did walking.


3. My mum

I am grateful for all 62 years of my mum’s life. Grateful for the life she lived and the lives she touched. She lived an extraordinary life and I am grateful she is resting now in the bosom of our Lord. If there is indeed a heaven, and I believe there is, then she would definitely be there.

I imagine her smiling and singing all the songs she loved to sing here on earth now with the angels. She has definitely learnt new songs. I am grateful for the time God gave for us to have her here with us on earth. She was a mum indeed.


4. Friends

Grateful for some reliable friends, gained new friends and formed new relationships this year, Also grew apart from some others, because time and chance happens to us all.

So this year, I am very grateful for never lacking reliable friends.


5. Family

Always had a close family circle but this year saw us become closer, even though there were a lot of things fighting to pull us apart.  Grateful for people I can call my very own with whom I share the same bloodline.


6. Safe travels

Had the opportunity to travel a couple of times this year. I went out and came in without any accidents. By land, air and sea, I did them all.


7. Provision

There were times of abundance and there were times I faced lack this year. At certain points, I was unsure on where my next meal was coming from, but somehow, God always came through on time and made a way.


8. Music

Grateful for great music and inspired musicians who make those music. The world would have been boring without sound. These wonderful sounds have lifted me from the depths of despair countless times, and they have kept me company many a night.


9. Grateful for December 2019

For me it represents the end to a lot of things that need to end, and I look with hope toward the future.


So here is to 2019, thank you for being a year I will never forget in my lifetime. Thank you for all the lessons, for the great stories that I am going to be telling about you for a long long time, and thank you for the many opportunities for growth.

What are you grateful for in 2019?



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