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Nana and David, when life gives you lemons

Nana considered herself a good Christian. She had her personal devotion every day. She gave 10% of her monthly income as tithe in church, and never missed a fellowship day.

Furthermore, she made huge financial contributions regularly to any community outreach her church was organizing.

Her job as a hedge fund manager in an elite investment company paid well. Money was never an issue.

Nana and David got married 10 years ago. It has been 10 years of patiently waiting on God for the fruit of the womb.

The doctors had told her and David her husband for the umpteenth time that there was nothing wrong with them medically.

Many of their friends that got wedded around the same period, all had kids. One just had the 5th child, and they were complaining that it was not planned.

As a woman also dedicated to building her career, Nana had heard a lot. In-laws, family members, church members and even friends formed various opinions about their persistent childlessness.

Some said she spent too much time working that’s why she could not get pregnant. Others said she was killing her babies to become richer.

The best thing about this whole childless situation she and David found themselves, was been able to build a solid career for themselves. Also their love for each other seemed to also be growing as their bank accounts grew.

David loved to have kids. But he was no more willing for her to keep going through the painful process of implantation that comes with IVF. 

All five attempts so far had failed. Huge sums of money gone to waste. He told her at the 4th attempt that they should stop, but she still wanted to go in one more time. Chances for success increases with every cycle.

While courting, they had agreed as a couple to wait a year before having kids.

As a result, Nana did not worry so much when throughout the first year, without family planning she did not get pregnant. It crossed her mind once in a while. But since they were not been actively trying, she brushed aside any negative thought.

It was two months after they actively starting trying, the worry lines began to show…

Now 10 years later, in the wake of the 10 year challenge flying all over social media, her friends all updating their pages with before and after pics of their growing families, the pain of her childlessness intensified…

The plan she had for her life 10 years ago were different from her present reality…

God, where are you?


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