A tale of the forbidden fruit 2

A tale of the fruit

What I Imagine went down at the beginning

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Eve starting to feel the effects of the fruit

“Oh, what have I done? this was against God’s command.”

Serpent: “Well, you were not forced to eat the fruit. I only mentioned that you could try it so you could have better understanding. Now the deed is done, God will surely angry with you.”

The serpent pauses a little for the impact of his words to sink in. He continues…

“But surely you don’t want God to be angry at just you? Go and find Adam now and give him a piece. So whatever the consequences you will face it together. For better for worse right?… ”

Eve does not wait for the serpent to finish speaking. She runs to find Adam on the other side of the garden.



Eve finds Adam. The poor guy is trying to help a sheep lambing.

Eve: “Hey babe, I have brought something for you to taste. Close your eyes. I am sure you have not eaten this particular fruit before. The taste is out of this world, and I did not want to enjoy it alone.”

Adam: “Hmm, you seem to be in such a good mood.”

“This morning you were carrying around a long face and giving me one word answers. Just because I said we are not changing the name of that four legged animal that barks from Dog. A name I gave it before you were even made from my rib.”

Eve: “Oh babe, I have come to see the foolishness of my request. Don’t know what came over me. Anyway, I brought this fruit for you to show that I am not annoyed anymore.”

Adam looking at the fruit suspiciously

“Never seen this fruit before. “Hope it is not from that tree… ”

Before he could finish his sentence, Eve places a piece in his mouth.

Adam: Wow, this is delicious. I have not indeed tasted a fruit like this.



Seconds later… His eyes is now open and he knows good and evil.

Adam: “Eve, what have you done? Since God brought you into my life, it’s been one thing to another. I was fine being lonely, at least then I did not get to this point of sinning against God. ”

Eve: “What do you mean? Are you insinuating that I am the cause of all your problems. I was only being nice. There is love in sharing.”
“You are always blaming me, and refusing to take responsibility for your actions.”

They both discover they are naked.

Adam: “Well, this is not time to argue. We are both naked. God will be having fellowship with us soon.”

Eve: “What do we do now?”

Adam: (Sighs)” Now you are asking. You did not remember to ask before taking the fruit.”

Adam continues with a tone of urgency.

“Remember those fig leaves we use as pillow for our heads, Run, get some. Let us sew covering and hide our nakedness.”
“Meanwhile, I will try to hide the evidence of this unfinished fruit before God comes. Remember time is of the essence”.

Eve runs to gather the figs, brings them to Adam and they both work to sew covering for themselves.

A low rumbling sound in the distance, they look up at themselves, God is coming. They quickly cover themselves and run to hid.

End of Imagination…


I find it worthy of note, that Eve did not see anything good in the tree of Good and evil God placed in the garden initially. She had probably passed by it countless times and never saw it as good. Until she spoke to the serpent.


When things that you would normally not have given thought to, suddenly begins to appear attractive, watch it. It may just be a tree of God and evil in disguise. There is no good that will come out of it.


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