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19 Tips for living your best life this year

Tips for having a great year

Another year, you can feel the excitement in the air. The end of a decade, or the beginning of a new one depending on who you ask.


Almost everyone I have met has grand plans of how the coming year will be.


For some, the outgoing year has been a great year, they smashed and exceeded all their goals and expectations, for some others it was a year full of challenges and one they will like to forget very fast, and still for some, it was a mixture.


Back when I was still a student at secondary school, I was good note taker and also a perfectionist when it comes to how I wanted my notes to look like. They had to be very clean.


My letters never went above the notebook lines, and they had this precision to it. Anytime I made a mistake, no matter how far I had written on a page, I would tear it off and start again on a fresh page.



I collected an award then for having the best handwriting, and I would always get asked if I typed my notes because they were that clean and precise.


Unlike my notes, you can’t just tear off the year but there is something great about the end of a year. It offers us an opportunity to “start” on a clean slate. It does not mean that a reset button has been set and we forget all, but like a notebook with blank pages, it offers a fresh page.


The reality of life is that just wishing would get you no where. A change of mindset, a plan is needed or else, it is going to end up just like every other year.


Here are some tips to help you have a great year 


1) Have a vision board

It helps with clarity. Somewhere in the middle when you are getting weary, it helps to see what started you on the path you currently are, and then keep to it.

You can go a step further by creating an action plan and a timeline for it to be fulfilled. This way you can say No to the things that would want to derail you, and pursue relentlessly after those things that aid your vision.



2) Make room for some disappointment

We do not ever pray to fail, but its better to make allowance for it. Sometimes what seems like the end of the road, may just be a cool detour to get you on the path you would really appreciate in the long run.

Goals can be re-adjusted throughout the year. Anything could happen that could change your circumstances either positively or in a negative way. You could lose a job, or have to relocate due to a promotion etc.


3) Keep promises made

Endeavor to keep promises or don’t make them at all. Be a more reliable person.



4) Step out of your comfort zone

Personally, I am scared of being disappointed, and that has made me less expressive. I would wait until I am very sure of success or in an area of low risk before committing, but my present goal has me putting myself more out there irrespective of the outcome.

Doing something out of your comfort zone can be scary, but its fulfilling in the long run.


5) Read Good Books

Books open the mind. They improve memory, increase your mental capacity, and can also serve as a stress reliever.


6) You don’t need to be liked

Stop seeking validation from people.

Truth is, we all would love if everyone thinks very highly of us, but it never happens that way. The downside to always seeking validation from people is that they control your happiness.



7) Eat right

This is something I have come to realize more and more as really beneficial.

It does not help to just live long, but the quality of the life also matters. Eating right helps improve the quality of your life, great for your mind and body.


8) Always take stock

At the end of each day, Take stock of all that happened during the day.

Resolve to be better in the areas you weren’t, and give yourself a part on the back in the areas where you did very good.


9) Keep a journal

Your life’s story is worth recording. Sometimes, I open up my journal and see what I have written on a specific day and at a specific time and it helps me to see how far along I have come from then.



10) Drop your ego

Sometimes, you have to leave your ego at the door and do what needs to be done.


11) Be willing to take correction

From my own experience, taking correction is no fun at all. No one likes to be told that what they are doing is not right.

Taking correction makes us better, it is essential for growth. If we do not learn to take correction and grow from it, we would be hurting ourselves in the long run.


12) Wake up and start the day early

Many successful people have attributed their success to rising early. Waking up early sets the tone for a productive day, because you are able to get more done.


13) Spread positive vibes

Resolve to have a positive impact on the lives of every one you meet. Let everything you touch be better than when you first met it.


14) Be sure you have the right motive at all times

Let your reason for doing anything be right.



15) Enjoy the ride

As we have our minds set on our goals, on smashing and exceeding them, some goals coming with a timeline, don’t forget to smell the roses.

Lately, I have been reading a lot on what people at the end of their lives thought about their life experiences, and one thing they all had in common, was that they wished they had taken out time to appreciate the journey and were not so focused about the end result.


16) Appreciate people more

Make sure the people in your life know how much they mean to you, life is short.


17) Stop procrastinating

Your mind would always find a million reasons why you shouldn’t do what you have to do at the right time, if you let it.


18) Always have a heart of gratitude

Constantly having a heart of gratitude, is great for the mindset. It also opens us up to receive more. When we show gratitude, we recognize that we did not arrive at the current place we are, all by ourselves.



19) Pay more attention to your thoughts

The way we think affects the quality of our lives. So pay more attention to what you feed your soul, it affects your thoughts which in turn affects the quality of your life.


In conclusion, I do hope you have a great year ahead, Happy new year. Thank you for sticking with me this past year, cheers to more interactions.

Tips to help you have the best year ever



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