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Its hard to be single!

Naomi's Diary

Its hard being single, not necessarily because of anything, but because you are yet to make one of the most important choice of your life, i.e if you desire to marry and have a home.

The choice of who to marry is a very delicate one.

Sometimes I used to wish my parents were in the business of matchmaking, like they did in the old days. Then families promised their children to each other while they were still kids, so you grew up knowing that you were betrothed to *Afam from down the street, right from when you were little.



Navigating the dating/courting world, whatever name you choose, could be quite daunting without the right tools, information and people around.

Everyone around has an opinion on the right person for you. Differing views, differing opinions, differing ways of approach . The answer to the age long question, ‘Is she/he the one’ is wrapped in a whole lot of decor and bubble wrap.

With the millions of negative and equally positive love stories around, how do you make sure you don’t end up on the negative side of the divide?

You would think with the amount of people in the world, you should just be able to pick one, get married to them and live happily ever after. Disney movies made it look so easy, sorry it is not that easy.

Daily, I see or hear of people who were so in love just a few months or years back suddenly find themselves asking to be separated or divorced. Irreconcilable differences they call it.

I keep wondering when those differences began to occur. And if they were already there before, why then do they suddenly now discover that those differences are so big and irreconcilable? Apparently, the love that blinded them has cleared from their eyes and they can now see clearly.

Another thing that bothers me and I have cause to believe must be draining, is people who believe that just because someone is available, then they are suitable.

Not everyone you come across is meant to be the one.

Because you will end up chasing everyone just because they are available. Relationships are not a pub crawl event, where you move from pub to pub in a bid to drown your sorrows in beer, all in the name of having fun

All relationships are not created equally.

‘If you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there’, is the statement on the doormat leading to my room.  It perfectly describes this situation.

Its hard to be single, but it is also a blessing because you still do have the opportunity to avoid some of the mistakes people make.

Anyway, what do I know, las las we all be alright.

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  1. Right!!!

    It’s hard to be single but harder to be married to the wrong one.

    This life sef.

    Married people envy the freedom of the single?

    Las las, we gon be fine.

    Meanwhile, I’m eyeing this your theme o.

  2. Legalalien says:

    Indeed. The wrong person can be the very bane of one’s existence.
    Thank you for loving my theme.

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