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What if it does work out?

Naomi's Diary

What if it does work out, is the opposite of what if it doesn’t work out?

Many times the fear of failure or disappointment stops us from starting. So we are defeated, before we even take the first step.

It’s not even like we don’t know all about these things, we do.

I was having a chat with my not so little brother. He needed to get some information for something he had to do. I gave him a suggestion, told him to call somebody he already knew. His response was, ‘I don’t know, you know how all this people are always busy?’

I was immediately thrown into big sister mood. ‘How do you know they are always busy?’ I asked him. ‘Lets even assume the person is always busy, how are you sure the person is busy this time? Have you tried calling?’

And that’s what many of us do in life with everything. Career, relationships,… etc. We put outselves out to fail, before we even start. We don’t give our all because, what if it fails? The more we keep thinking this way, the more we remain safe, but really great things are not gotten from a place of safe.

Maybe you feel you have already failed at something before, so you use that one experience to judge all other experiences. It’s good to be cautious. It’s never wise to keep repeating the same mistakes, and before I start sounding like the usual ‘aspire to perspire’ motivational speaker, I would like to say Thomas Edison would not have made his discovery if he did not push forward. You have probably heard this analogy a million times. You know this.

The point is, even if you made a mistake already, you are supposed to learn from it, take the lessons learnt and do it another way. The next time might turn out better, who knows?

I just feel a lot of us are sitting on havingĀ  great experiences, living life to the fullest, and what not, because we have not been able to push back fear.

The real question we should be asking ourselves is, what do I have to lose anyway? What’s the worst thing that can happen?

And internalizing another person’s trauma is real. For example, I have seen so many people voice out that they are scared of relationships because they have seen so many failed relationships lately, that they begin to question the point. What they forget is that, for every failed relationship, there are equally or even more, great, flourishing relationships.

Why do we always focus on the negative and run with it?

The thing about life is, no two experiences are exactly the same. They may look the same from afar, and we can be able to draw out similarities, but if we really want to check the little details, they are different.

Somebody might try something and fail woefully at it, but that does not mean you should not try. That person is different from you. The path the person is to follow, may be different from yours. Those little, sometimes overlooked details, can make the difference between things turning out right or wrong.

Just check this out. You would agree that we are quite unique beings. No two human fingerprints are the same. But isn’t it amazing, that the Bible says we are created in the image of God? How come God’s image seems to manifest itself in us in different forms? That’s supposed to tell you something right?

I am not saying be careless with your life, or do foolish things (At the end of the day, you still determine what should be considered foolish), but live your life to the fullest.

You don’t want to live life with major regrets at the end of it. There must be a reason why people with near death experiences come back with a renewed vigor for life.

It is not automatic, this whole living life fearlessly or doing things in spite of fear. Many times on this life’s journey, we would need people to remind us of this truth from time to time. That’s why we don’t exist in a bubble.

This year it’s my utmost goal and mission to do things that make me happy, and don’t against my core values.

I am a motivational speaker today, yeah, because it makes me happy. I am motivating myself and I hope you get something from this too.

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  1. Adebola says:

    Great write up. Thank you.

    1. Legalalien says:

      Thank you sir

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