Naomi's Diary

Naomi’s Diary: Good news, bad food and deep conversations

Naomi's Diary

Had a great time out with my girls today. It was one good news to another.

My day started just right. From around  7am when I got my first call, until past midnight when I finally called it a day.

Although, whatever progress I had made, in my bid to restrict my diet and be more conscious of what I eat was officially cancelled today.

Sodas, sweet and all were on offer, but I have consoled myself. It was all for a good cause. Let’s just call it, ‘cheat day’

At least, Its not everyday you sit and have deep conversations with friends. We talked about everything, from God to Jamie&Nikki.

It’s indeed better, to have a small circle of friends, than have a crowd that you cannot gain and share from.

A girls day out, will not be complete without ending up in our favourite spot to have dinner and that’s what we did.

In my bid to practise what I have been preaching, I decided to try something else on the menu.

Its worthy to note that, for the past 3 years that I have eaten at this particular restaurant, I have never ordered anything else save that one meal. I have remained completely loyal.

Today, I decided to order something different because there is no harm in trying right? And the last time we were there, my friends hyped that meal.

At least It was good for a photo op. Never judge a book by its cover.

Unfortunately, It’s today ‘village people’ decided to follow that meal. It was bad. On the positive side, we got complimentary ice cream.

Lesson learnt. From now on, I will continue to stick to my one meal. You won’t blame me. Its not for the lack of trying.

In all, bad food did not spoil my day.

See me shouting I am broke, but I am still eating out. Please don’t judge me too much. I am officially on break, after today.

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