Naomi's Diary

Naomi’s Diary: CORO-nicles and one week of social distancing

Naomi's Diary

Hey all, how are you doing, Do you still have toilet paper at home? Yeah, I saw you, panic buying stacks of toilet paper like the companies producing it have all shut down.


Anyway, Its been one week since the country I live in announced restrictions on normal activities. Thankfully, we are not completely shut down, but major places are all closed.


Personally, for me it feels quite the same. In-fact, at this moment, I am yet to see any difference between my lifestyle now and pre-lock down.


I love to stay home, and anything that takes me out of my home, aside work, church, and a little bit of socializing, emphasis on ‘little’, has got to be pretty serious.


I hear a lot of people complain about being bored and though I can empathize because you know, surprisingly, I have a heart after all, I just cannot relate. My home is always my safe space, my comfort zone…


Anyway, I wrote a blog post to help you, if you happen to be in the bored category. You can read all about it here.


For those who have kids, sending you lots of love right now, and may your pockets never run dry. Because reports reaching me, say the kids stay munching.


How has social distancing been for you? Not to humble brag, but social distancing has always been a norm for me. If I was in a crowd, I rather stay far at the back, where I can avoid touching anyone.


I had/have to get use to receiving hugs especially from people I am not close to. It felt/feels so awkward when someone tried/tries to give me a hug. I would wonder what to do with my hands, should I pat the person’s back, or rub it or give the arms a squeeze?


Ironically, I am quite touchy with those I am close and comfortable with, like I just want to squeeze them tight.


This period, aside bonding (with my bed), blogging, etc…I am also re-reading some of my Novels. What have you been up to?


If you don’t have an idea of what to do with all this free time, as always, I am here fulfilling my role as a helper with a list of things you can do here.


Happy reading. and don’t forget to stay home, wash your hands and avoid touching your face.




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