Awesome (Budget friendly) self care Ideas for when you are stressed

Awesome budget friendly self care Ideas

Life can be overwhelming, I say this with every certainty there is.

And that is why we need to actively and consciously take a step back and take care of ourselves. Before we start losing it.

You can’t really be there for other people, if you are not taking care of yourself.

If you are not financially buoyant, self care can get a little tricky, because you may not be able to readily afford all that you truly need, lets be real.

No retail therapy, going to that fancy restaurant, whitening your teeth, going on vacation… etc, which are great but not for broke people.

But there are some great budget friendly ways to practice self care, until you get to the level where you can start spending more.

Here are some awesome self care ideas that you can practice on a budget. Many of them, don’t even require money.


1) Face masks

Thank God for budget friendly face masks. You can try out different face masks and have fun with the effects.


2) Have a good nap

Nothing like refreshing sleep to get you rejuvenated. If you having trouble sleeping you can try practicing these tips.


3)Be patient and kind to yourself

Many of us are really hard on ourselves. Anytime I make a mistake, I beat myself up for a long time.

If you are like me in this aspect, you have to learn to be more patient with yourself

You are allowed to make mistakes. You will get to where you want to be, you will reach your goals. Just be patient and trust the process.


4) Do something small that makes you feel productive

No matter how small it is, do something that makes you feel useful.

It can be something as little as emptying your junk email.


5) Cooking/Baking

I used to love to bake, I still do just haven’t done it in a while. There was a time I baked 6 different cakes in a day, just because.

For me, there is something therapeutic about following the process that comes with making a meal, or baking. I find when I am stressed I cook more, except I am stressed and also broke.  But there are budget friendly meals online you can try out.


6) Declutter your living space

I believe my room is a pictorial representation of how I currently feel. If my room is messy, it’s because I feel like I have nothing under control.

So decluttering helps bring back that feeling of organization and having things under control.


7) Focus on the things you have accomplished

I have a problem sleeping if I have unfinished work or issues. It becomes worse, if I am stuck in a rot. That is because I keep looking at the glass as half empty.

Stop focusing so much on other people who are reaping the benefits of their handwork, other people’s experiences and what worked for them, may not be the same ones that will work for you.

When looking at other peoples accomplishment, its best to keep in mind that they did not show you their down moments

Try to focus on the part of your to-do list you have completed and see the glass as half full. Just remember to stay consistent.





8) Talk to loved ones

Makes you feel that you are surrounded by people who genuinely care.

Talking to a close friend who gets you is an awesome self care treat.


9) Write down all what is going on in your head

When you write down, you are able to put things into perspective more.

Writing takes away the weight from your brain onto the paper.


10) Change your environment

If your current environment is stressing you out and making you lose focus, and you have the opportunity to change it, please do.

A new environment fuels creativity. It gives you that feeling of something fresh. A fresh start.

You can check yourself into a hotel for the weekend, just for a change


11) Change up your hairstyle

I have been planning to get a haircut and change my looks and this might just be the year it happens.

If you are not that adventurous, you can start by trying out something temporary and see how you feel about it, before going all the way.


12) Buy nice scents for your home

There is this feeling of comfort, when you come into your home and it smells divine. The feeling is heavenly.

Imagine your home having that fresh clean Scandinavian look, with the air filled with scents that are just right.

Even the thought of it alone is comforting.


13) Have a relaxing bath

Oh, the pleasure and joy of simple comfort.

Warm Water filled bath for a relaxing soak. Scented candles by the side while you day dream, that all is well with your world.


14) Get a massage

If you can’t afford going to the masseuse, you can get a friend to give you one, or even give yourself one.

There are this massage instruments you can buy that offer great comfort.

You can check them out here.


15) Dress up

Dress up for no reason.

Get your nails done, play with your face if you are into that, wear a nice dress and just chill.


16) Smile more, smile often

I smile a lot, even if sometimes they may be fake not forced. You got to fake it till you make it.

It’s proven scientifically that smiles, even the fake ones (not obligatory ones) can trick your brain into happiness and boost your overall mood.

Smiling relaxes you and lowers your stress level.


17) Sit outside and relax

Watch the sun set.

If you live in a cold climate like I do, sitting outside can be a little tricky.

If you can’t sit outside, at least open up your curtains and watch the clouds.


18) Go window shopping

I love those moments when I am walking through the shop aisles of big stores, while wowing at the exorbitant prices.

Makes for a good past time.


19) Play music

Listen to music with your headphones and just be in the moment.

You can also get up and dance like you have no care in the world.


20) Keep a journal

It’s a good reminder that moods change.

Just recently I couldn’t sleep, so I was just looking through some of things I had written, many of which I can’t relate to anymore.

But it did give me this sense of hope that whatever stressful situation I had going on, was just a phase.


21) Read a novel

Its quite fascinating to picture what a writer is trying to present to his/her audience when they tell a story with words.

A good novel is a good source of imagination, it relaxes you and you can read while munching on a nice snack by the side.


22) Moisturize your skin

Nothing like fresh glowing skin to make you feel alright.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

(As I wrote this point, I stood up to Moisturize my lips. Practice what you preach)


22) Call your mum

Sorry Dad’s.

OK not really, you can also call your dad.


23) Volunteer at a charity

Being able to do something good for others makes you also feel good.


24) Watch your favorite movie

Even if you have watched it a million times, no one is stopping from watching it again and again.


25) Sit down and plan your dream vacation

Even if you are not going on it just yet, it’s still a great feeling to plan for it.


25) Delete negative people off your social media space

Protect your mental space.


26) Plan a movie night with your friend or a sleepover

One of the ways to get over the blues, (especially when you are far from family) is having nights of sleepovers.


27) Write yourself a letter

Write a letter to yourself. In it, tell yourself how proud you are of how far you have come. Then read it aloud to yourself.


28) Express your feelings

Have a good cry, let your feelings show in a safe space, enjoy the moments as they come.


29) Read your favorite Bible verses

Do something that feeds your soul and for me, the Bible is what does.


30) Go to the beach

Back in the day, when I lived close to the beach, I and my friends would pack up and just go to the beach.

Those were really calm, relaxing moments, just hearing the waves beat upon the water, the distant animal sounds, the feel of the sand on your bum and in between your toes, so heavenly.

So these are 30 of my budget friendly self care ideas. How do you practice self care and what does self care really mean to you?



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