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How to relieve allergy symptoms

relieving allergy symptoms

It’s spring, more sunlight and beautiful flowers blooming again. For me and a few others like me, its a warm welcome to pollen season.

Seasonal allergy sufferers, know it’s spring when people start asking if you have a cold because your nose seems to constantly be irritated, and your sneeze levels are no 1 on the billboard chart.

Spring and summer seems to be the peak periods for seasonal allergy sufferers because of increased pollen in the air. But its also worthy to note that for some, allergies are all year round.


My allergy story

I did not start having allergies till my mid-teens. I remember the first time I was taken to the doctor for a test because I was constantly sneezing. The diagnosis then was that I was allergic to the environment. I was left wondering how someone can just suddenly be allergic to the environment. No specifics where given.

It didn’t seem so normal in my cycle then. And I can remember always trying to count everybody else’s number of sneezes. It seemed it was only mine that was going into extra time.

Someone told me that I may be popping a vein or artery somewhere in my body with my consistent sneezes. I started to pray seriously to God to deliver me and make me not sneeze again because it was embarrassing to me. Maybe not as serious as my prayer to be taller.

My creator seemed to think I will be fine with both the allergies and the shortness, so nothing changed. After research and all, my dad got me over-the-counter sprays and pills. Aside the fact that I hate medication, I didn’t want to also become drug dependent so I didn’t take the pills but I used the sprays.

Fast forward to adulthood and I went to the doctor again. This time in a different country I was given an Antihistamine spray but also referred to a Ear nose and throat specialist. There I was tested to see exactly what I was allergic to.

I was given a short term treatment plan but also advised on a long term treatment plan if it bothers me some much. Thankfully, it has not been as bad as previous years.


Tips on dealing with allergies and allergy symptoms

Here are some ways to maintain some level of normalcy even though we know we are special people.


Nasal decongestants and Antihistamines, steroid nasal spays help alleviate allergy symptoms. You can consult your doctor on the best to use. I find it helpful to use in the morning before leaving the house and at night before bed.
Note: You can become less responsive to medication after prolonged use.



2)Constantly cleaning your home and changing your bed sheets

relieve allergy symptoms

Personally, I find its best to avoid having a carpeted floor especially in my sleep area because dust and pollen can settle on it. If you can’t help but have carpets then they have to be constantly vacuumed. I guess the term spring cleaning was invented because of allergy sufferers.

Tip: Were a mask while cleaning.


3)Take a bath after being outdoors. Change outdoor clothing before going to bed. It will reduce irritation.

relieve allergy symptoms


4) Vitamins and supplements

Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine. Taking vitamin C and other multivitamins builds the immune system.



5)Avoid stress

Allergies are more likely to be exacerbated with increased stress levels because the immune system is affected. Get more sleep, drink lots of water and avoid negative energy as much as possible.


6) Exercise and eat healthy foods

relieve allergy symptoms


The benefits of exercise seem to be hyped more and more everyday. Is it worth It?

Well, the bible says “bodily exercise profits little”, so  it does profit. We can’t deny that when the body is healthy, it is better equipped to fight diseases. Also eating the right foods help battle inflammation in the body.

One particular spring/summer when my allergies made it hard for me to sleep, I resulted to night time exercise. Nothing serious, just running up and down the stairs and it gave me relief.


8)Its best to keep windows and doors closed during pollen peak periods.


9)Use a humidifier/diffuser with essential oils


As doors and windows are closed, you need a humidifier to maintain adequate moisture levels and improve your indoor air. Diffusers with essential oils can help you breathe better.


10)Wear sunglasses

relieve allergy symptoms


Sunglasses can be a fashion statement for some but it’s also a way to keep allergens which can cause itching and redness away from your eyes. Fight allergies by wearing sunglasses and look cool while doing it.

You may also not  forget to stock up on your favorite soft tissue, or have an handkerchief with you. When all else fails, they are your saving grace when the nose starts dripping. Some may have to wear an allergy mask outdoors.

What other ways do you deal with allergies?

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