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8 Habits of Highly successful women

8 habits of highly successful women

Success is a relative word, and there are different levels to it.

We can say someone is successful if they able to accomplish their desired visions and goals.

Every one thinks of success differently and it is measured by what each individual considers as success.

For me, the above definition would suffice. I measure success by being able to accomplish the plans, goals and vision I have for my life.

I was brought up by a successful woman and I am daily inspired by all the successful women around me, not just living great lives but also thriving.

Here are 8 of the habits these highly successful women have.

1) They are focused

They don’t jump at just any opportunity because they are aware of what they want.

Successful women are focused and do not get distracted.

Even when circumstances dictate that they have to do other things on the part towards reaching their goal, they stay focused on the end goal.

Successful women do not jump on a wagon because everyone else is on it. They can only jump on a wagon if it serves as a vehicle in getting them to their main destination.


2) They work on Self Development

Successful women continually develop themselves. They are constantly taking steps to better themselves by learning new skills, or doing away with negative habits.

These they do by enrolling in courses that can make them better in their work and career.

They read great books that engage their minds, and they carry out tasks that develop their capabilities.


3) They are Disciplined

These successful women are disciplined in every area of their lives.

They are disciplined with their finances, they are disciplined in their career, they are disciplined in their family life and they are disciplined with their health.

Successful women know that a lack of discipline creates a lot of problem.


4) They have the right attitude

They have the right attitude towards life. Even when things are not working, having the right attitude matters.

Highly successful women do not allow rejections on the path to their goals to faze them, because they understand that a NO is only a temporary setback, and whatever comes to them is meant for them.

Successful women understand attitudes influence actions. So they maintain a right attitude towards challenges while working at attaining their goals.


5) They are consistent

Successful women are consistent. Consistency is one of the major ingredient for success in any endeavor.

Successful women stay committed to whatever goal and cause they believe in long term. Consistency means they follow through with whatever plans they set out to do until their goal is achieved.

They hold themselves accountable daily and make no excuses.

Highly successful women work repetitively at what they have do, while tracking its progress, taking feedback and making the necessary changes that are needed.

Highly successful women do not just work for short-term results, but they work to show results that are long lasting. They are conscious that results may not be quickly gotten but they stay focused sometimes with no rewards, because they understand that the long term rewards are great.

For a society as the one we live in, that thrives on instant gain, its no wonder that many of us don’t achieve our goals.


It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, Its what we do consistently. – Anthony Robbin


6) They accept responsibility

Successful women have the habit of taking responsibility for their actions.

They understand that accepting responsibility promotes them.

They acknowledge the role they play in every situation even when it turns out to be negative.


7) They Network

Successful women realize that the more people they know, the greater diversity of people in their network pool.

So they go out, network and interact.

This way, they are able to share from the wealth of experiences of their network.

They make themselves visible in their area of expertise, by making sure others know that they know what they know.

Highly successful women connect with a network of people who they benefit from, and who can benefit from them.


8) They stay connected to the spiritual

Its so easy to be caught up in putting in the work and seeing the results, but successful women acknowledge that there is something greater that controls the physical.

Highly successful women understand that there is a creator to whom she owes her very existence, and who influences the way she lives, the things she does, the places she goes…, etc.


In conclusion, 

All these habits listed here, work together.

For any habit to become second nature, it has to be consistently worked at. That is what successful women do, and if you want to be successful, just developing these habits is sure to get you there.

It is important to always remember that success is a journey.




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  1. Anurita says:

    Hi Legalalien, Hope you are doing well. I have been reading this article over and over again for sometime, It has helped me in many ways. I have been adding some of my own thoughts and pointers for myself, and will continue to do so. I am 100% there yet, but I know where I want to be, Thanks to you. Really appreciate you putting so valuable thoughts beautifully.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Hi hep.,am so in love with this article the moment I when through it felt relieved and going to be reading over and over again.

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