How to survive working a Job you rather not be doing [Before the dream job]

How to survive a job you hate

The day I quit working the Job I hated was one of the best days of my life. Hate is a strong word. But it was something I would rather not have been doing.


The thing is, not all of us are lucky to get right into doing what we love from the get go. Some of us have the kiss the proverbial frogs before finding the prince.


In my case, the feeling was that of relief. I really did not fancy doing it, but it was a means to an end. .

Although I wasn’t entirely happy to be doing that job, but I was still able able to work well at it.


It was meant to be for a certain season. And when I could finally take that step, I was literally skipping counting down to my last day.


Just like me, many of us end up in situations that make us work in jobs that we rather not be doing. If you have ever worked a day in a job you disliked, you will understand the dissatisfaction that comes with it. This can play a huge effect on our mental Health


To maintain your sanity, you have to find ways to create something positive out of it.



Some reasons why you may end up working in a job you rather not be doing

  • Bills to pay
  • Availability
  • Having less qualification than is required for your dream Job, etc

But there are ways you can pull yourself out of bed and survive those dreaded working hours. Here is how you can survive working in a job you dislike.


How to survive

#1 Acknowledge the why

How to survive working in a job you hate









Its more easier to keep your sanity in a job you do not like if you know why you are doing it. That will serve as a goal to motivate you to get out of bed every morning

#2 Get acceptance

Resisting reality which you may not presently have control over will only lead to turmoil. Accept where you are presently.


#3 Be grateful

Be grateful for the opportunity to be useful. As much you hate your job, you are making a difference somewhere, somehow.


List reasons to be grateful for your job you are doing presently and remind yourself of them anytime you start to feel wack



#4 Set a goal of how long you want to be there

The time frame depends on your driving motivation, but it very important to set a realistic time frame.


Be flexible in your goal setting because things may not always go the way they are planned, and you can end up being frustrated.

#5 Focus on the skills you are gaining at the job

The skills you are gaining at this job you hate may just be useful to you when you finally get around to be where you want to be.


You just may not be able to progress at the level you want until you learn that skill or gain some certain experiences


Like Its said no knowledge is a waste, I will add no experience is useless


# 6 Network/Make use of the opportunities available

Some of the people you interact with presently at the job you hate may be integral to getting you to where you want to be.


Also make use of the opportunities that come with the job. It could be something as simple as a free massage, training courses etc.



# 7 Take comfort that its only temporary

While working at a job you hate, take steps that would put you on the part towards your dream job. That way you have something positive to look forward to.


It creates a sense of relieve and gives you a different perspective. It would also make you endure with a smile all the crap you have to face from people at the job you hate.



# 8 Plan your escape route

how to survive working in a job you hate







Little by little everyday plan your escape route. Put in for that course,… save up and invest,… send applications,.. etc. Whatever it is that needs to be done to help you on the way to finally be able to do what you love, do it and be consistent.


At the end of the day there is dignity in labor, and remember somebody out there is looking to be in that same position you rather not be in.


how to survive working a job you hate


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  1. Toyin says:

    I know the relief that comes with quitting a job you hate and these points are valid. Another thing that helps is having helpful colleagues and finding joy in little things even while at work, like an ice cream treat on really bad days to cheer you up.

    1. Legalalien says:

      True, finding joy in the little things.

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