Naomi's Diary

Naomi’s Diary-Headaches,Google maps and Visas

Naomi's Diary

Today was one of those days. It started off great. For one I had a good night sleep. Lately, I have been having trouble with night headaches. Luckily, as a strong google user, I have self diagnosed myself on WebMD, and attributed it to stress.

I also had a nice fellowship with my maker. I had a lot of things planned for the day. Well, not really a lot, but compared to my other slow days, I was happy to fill today up with activities.

First of all, I had a walk in appointment, but thankfully found out early enough that the place would not be opened till later on in the day. Worked out perfectly for me because I could catch up with a friend coming to visit.

We went driving round the city, ended up in a junkyard, and drove around the airport multiple times. Don’t ask me what we were looking for. Lets just say that using google maps to find your way, is not as easy as it looks.

At least for all the pain, I got a MacDonald’s meal. Later on, we enjoyed a plate of Corn fufu with Egusi soup mixed with Okra Cameroonian style. It was really good. I don’t really like Okra, but sometimes I feel its not polite to say no to hospitality.

By the way, may I say that if you are Nigerian, it takes twice as much effort to get a Visa anywhere. Its like the whole world just wants to keep us out. Unfortunately, I don’t think they realize there isn’t so much space in Nigeria anymore. Overpopulation has made the country too small for us.

But seriously, As a Nigerian, your motives and intentions are under intense scrutiny and so much doubt is cast on the authenticity of your documents, when you apply for a visa. Sometimes, I ask myself, why all this stress? Its at this point, I begin to envy my Western friends, who can just get up and travel.

‘Las las we will be alright‘.


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