7 Ways to make your man feel loved

7 ways to make your man feel loved

Many times the focus is on how men can show more love to their partners, and while that is good, men also would like to feel that they are loved. Better put, everyone in this world would like to know and feel that someone loves them especially if it’s someone they already share the same feeling for.

But many men are not able to properly vocalize the way they would like to be loved, and some ladies complain of not knowing what works.

Here are some ways to make your man feel loved and cherished.


1) Trust

I don’t mean blind trust here where you see yourself blatantly disrespected and you stay trusting. But your man would feel so good if he knew you trusted him.

I know that there are many guys out there who have broken the trust of many ladies, but your man is not those guys, and if he has not personally done anything to make you distrust him, trust him.

Trust him to make the right decisions, trust him more. Ask for his input and advice always. When your man feels that you trust him, and trust his judgement, it makes him feel loved.


2) Give him space

You man needs space and so do you. Yes, you are in a relationship, dating or married, and it is necessary to spend a lot of time together to bond, but you are first individuals with different likes, dislikes and passions, so give him space to do other things that may not necessarily involve you.

Don’t try to always control what he does and where he goes. Let him hang out with the guys, and don’t always try to tag along. If you have a legitimate problem with the guys, and you feel they may be a bad influence on him, you can let him know but don’t say you want to stop him. He is an adult with capabilities and the right abilities to make the best decision concerning his friends.

While out, it is also not wise to blow up his phone every minute because you are paranoid. If he calls you fine, but if he does not let him be. Focus your own time on doing something useful.


3) Appreciate him

Randomly appreciate your man. Appreciate him for the time he spends with you, appreciate him for the gifts he gets for you, appreciate him for being a good father, for being kind and thoughtful. There should never come a time where the feeling of entitlement comes in and you begin to feel its his job. It will show in your response.

Men love to be appreciated for even the little things they know and feel an obligation to do. They love to know that whatever efforts they are putting out are appreciated. Men love praises. The more you appreciate him, the more he will be energized to do more.


4) Schedule time alone with him

Spend time alone with him without any form of distraction. Make him feel seen. Don’t allow work, chores, kids or any issue come and disrupt this time alone together. You can use the time to engage in some of the hobbies or things he loves doing.


5) Send him random messages

Send him random messages when he is at work telling him how much you love and appreciate him. Leave him love notes in his bag, pockets…etc. Send him little reminders of some of your favorite moments with him that you appreciate. Compliment him on his looks, his dressing.


6) Food

They say the way to a man’s t heart is through his belly. Well, it might not be exactly as they say but there is a whole lot of truth in it. A man that loves you will feel loved when you go out of your way to prepare something special for him. Especially one of his favorite meals.


7) Be dependable

Have his back. Be a dependable partner. Your man would feel loved if he know he has you in his corner always.

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