Tips for a perfect valentine’s day – Pandemic Edition

Tips for a perfect valentine's day

How do you plan the perfect valentine experience during a pandemic?

Valentine is a day chosen by many all over the world to celebrate love.

One characteristic that might make this years celebrations different is the pandemic. For many, the pandemic has gives us a renewed zeal to celebrate life more, and appreciate our loved ones. What better way to do so than on valentine’s day?

You might be thinking that its not possible to have a perfect valentine’s day, but it is possible to have a perfect Valentine’s day – Pandemic Edition.

There are those who do not celebrate valentine and that is ok too.

Just make sure to show and celebrate love all the time, and nothing stops you from also making some days extra special for those you love.

Typically, it is a lovers day, but love can also be shown to parents, friends, colleagues, etc., not just romantic partners.

With the lockdown, there is the possibility of your loved ones being far away from you.

If this is your case here are some tips for a perfect valentine’s day to still show and let that special someone know they mean a lot to you.


1. Order food from their favorite restaurant to be delivered to them

Nobody says No to food.

It has been a hit from generations to generations and its momentum is not letting down anytime soon. You know your loved one, and you know what they would like to eat, surprise them with a special delivery.

You can go an extra mile by having the restaurant/food vendor write some nice words coming from you on a card to be delivered alongside.


2. Good old fashioned flowers

Order a bouquet of flowers, you can find a vendor online that is closer to where they live and have them deliver to their doorstep, or at their place of work.

Its an added bonus for you if you know the type of flowers they like.

You can add balloons and stuffed animals.


3. Write a love letter and have it mailed to them

Some of  us have had a lot of fun sitting down to read some of our parents hand written letter to each other back in the day. There were no mobile phones and letters were the major form of communication.

From the joy in their faces while reliving those memories, you can tell they really looked forward to getting letters from each other.

Now we have phones, and we are thankful for the ease of communication, but it would still be fun and thoughtful to go the old fashioned way to write and post them a letter.


4. Create a music playlist

You can create a playlist of all their favorite songs and those you think they might like on a Apple music or Spotify.


5. Order a gift

You can order a gift online for them. A gift that shows you appreciate them and are happy to have them in your life. It could clothing, books, household item, an online course or something they have always wanted.


6. Do a video call

Video call your loved one and spend quality time with them without any form of distraction.

Talk about all you want to talk about and just genuinely enjoy each other’s company.


7. Book and pay for a therapy session

Therapy is great and if you have a loved one that appreciates the gift of therapy, then you can book and pay for a session/sessions.


8. Have a digital movie date

You can still have a movie date even though you are far apart. Just schedule a time


9. Love notes/poem

Love notes and poem will never go out of fashion.

We can’t all be orators and writers, but you can do some research and find poems that truly embody what you feel about them and text or e-mail it to them.

You can find some great tips here. Adjust and adapt accordingly.



If you live together and or you are privileged not to be separated by distance, here are some tips to celebrate a perfect valentine’s day. You can still adopt some from the above tips.


1. Do the dishes/clean the house

Let your loved one wake up to a nicely cleaned house. Trust me, they will appreciate it.


2. Cook a meal for them

You can cook a meal for them. It could be breakfast in bed or lunch or dinner while they sit and watch. You can add spice to it by making it a at home fine dinning experience complete with a candles and a bottle of wine.


3. Leave notes around the house

Let your loved one wake up to very thoughtful notes around the house. You can make it a game by hiding it in different places and leaving tips on how to get them.


4. See a movie at home

The goal is to spend as much time with them. Let them choose a movie you both can watch together at home.


5. Get them a nice gift

A gift does not always have to cost a fortune, what is most important whether expensive or cheap, is that it is a thoughtful.


Love deserves to be celebrated everyday. You don’t necessarily have to wait till Valentine’s day to celebrate love and however you choose to celebrate it will be perfect.

How have you been able to still celebrate your loved ones in a pandemic? Would be nice to hear some of your own tips for a perfect valentine’s day.



Tips for a perfect valentine's day

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