52 Small but effective ways to make your life better

small ways to make life better

There is this popular saying that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

As long as you are still on this earth, there is something you can add, adjust, adapt, improve, make better about your life.

Sometimes these things are so little but their effects can be very great. For some of this changes you might see the results immediately, and for some of the changes, the result can be noticed overtime.

These changes listed here can improve your career, relationships, health, mental state, and make life worth living.

1) Drink more water

2) Walk at least 6000 steps a day

3) Read a chapter of a book everyday or read a book as often as you can.

4) Journal daily

5) Have a daily, weekly or monthly to-do list

6) Exercise at least 2-3 times in a week

7) Cut out sugar from your diet

8) Write at least a few words everyday, if you are writing a book. You can always edit words written down, you cannot edit a blank page

9) Stop confessing negative

10) Add daily affirmations to your morning routine

11) Call a loved one every week

12) Take yourself out to eat at least once every month in someplace you always wanted to go

13) Plan and go on a trip at least once every year

14) Close tabs on your laptop when you are not using them

15) Wait at least 10 seconds before you respond during conversations, gives you time to think up your words before they come out

16) Learn to say No in a nice way when you are overwhelmed

17) Find something nice to say about your partner everyday. This will shifts your focus and help you highlight the good in them. You would not be with them if you did not see anything good in them in the first place.

18) Determine to always having a good night sleep

19) Stay off social media once in a while or for an hour a day

20) Actively pay attention to what you think about during the day

21) Be more conscious of/intentional about the things you watch and listen to

22) Make a grocery list before you go shopping

23) Have a weekly, monthly and yearly financial budget and try to stick to it as much as possible.

24) Accept wrongdoing, apologize and move on.

25) Forgive quickly even when the person who has offended you is not sorry

26) Go through your subscriptions and cut out any unnecessary expenses

27) Start a skincare routine

28) Start a gratitude jar and write out things your are thankful for everyday

29) Make your bed every morning when you get out of bed

30) Open blinds in your living space, allow sunlight in. It brightens your mood

31) Have a mentor

32) Write a list of all your bad habits and work towards replacing them with a good one.

33) Add fruits, vegetables, all that good stuff to your diet

34) Learn to celebrate even small wins

35) Focus on one task at a time. Multitasking can decrease productivity

36) Have a personal devotion with God everyday

36) Listen to good music

37) Listen to podcasts from inspiring people

38) Try to have a consistent laundry schedule and avoid pilling up clothes. Same principle applies to dishes

39) Redecorate and rearrange your living place annually

40) Declutter and throw out/donate old stuff

41) Add plants to your home

42) Go for manicure and pedicure, treat yourself to a nice massage and spa experience.

43) Start a little investment

44) Have a morning and bedtime routine for yourself and also set one for your family

45) Take a personality test to better understand yourself

46) Go for counselling/Therapy

47) Consult with a life coach when you feel stuck and need a change

48) Set goals and revisit your goals from time to time. make changes along the way. Remember change is inevitable and goals can always be adjusted

49) Use an organization tool to keep track of all the events you need to attend, birthdays…etc., so you don’t miss them or can cancel early when you cannot attend

50) Don’t compare your life. Work hard and stay on your path.

51) Interpret the actions of others in the best positive way

52) Improve on your listening skills


Don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time, you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be. – Jon Bon Jovi


Small ways to make your life better



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