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On the pursuit of happiness: Habits that affect your happiness


Everyone want to be happy but only a few are truly happy. True Joy and happiness has to come from within you.   A lot of us keep chasing after those things we think will make us eventually happy, but its an endless pursuit. When we do get those things, we sadly discover that the …

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How not to ‘mind your business’ 101

Naomi's Diary

If there is anything I have learnt living in Denmark for the past 5 years is how to mind my business.   The other day, while waiting to take the train, I spotted this lady with two big luggage’s.   Seeing her brought back memories about my own travel to Denmark and I couldn’t help …

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8 Habits of Highly successful women

8 habits of highly successful women

Success is a relative word, and there are different levels to it. We can say someone is successful if they able to accomplish their desired visions and goals. Every one thinks of success differently and it is measured by what each individual considers as success. For me, the above definition would suffice. I measure success …


Awesome (Budget friendly) self care Ideas for when you are stressed

Awesome budget friendly self care Ideas

Life can be overwhelming, I say this with every certainty there is.   And that is why we need to actively and consciously take a step back and take care of ourselves. Before we start losing it.   You can’t really be there for other people, if you are not taking care of yourself.   …

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‘They’ are watching

They are watching

During my NYSC, (NYSC is a compulsory one year of National service for every Nigerian) I took strategic management classes at ISMN – Institute of strategic Management Nigeria.   It was both fun and a great learning experience.   The fun part was getting ready for classes with my roommates, 4 lovely ladies, chartering a …

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Fun, cheap and fulfilling things you can do on the weekend as a single person

Cheap fun and fulfilling things you can do on the weekend as a single person

You are single with no attachments and its the weekend. What to do you aside watch Netflix and chill under the duvet? Its great sometimes to chill under the duvet, many of us would love to do that all the time, but sometimes you want to do something more exciting and fulfilling. While single you …

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Shamelessly and relentlessly pursuing your goals in 2020

How to shamelessly and relentlessly pursue your goals

We have goals we want to achieve before the end of the year, or whatever time frame you desire things to get done. Now is the time for execution.   Just setting those goals by writing them down in a journal or vision board, will not make them automatically come to reality.   There is …