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15 signs you will be successful

Everyone wants to be successful, but unfortunately not everyone will be.

Still, it’s good to know that everyone can be successful, even though many won’t.

You have to desire and define success for yourself, because success can mean different things to different people.

Want to know if you will be successful, here are 15 signs you will be successful 

1)You have a vision and you set smart goals

You are not aimless, you have a clear vision.

There is something you are looking forward too and working towards.

You are not just groping in the dark, hoping that by some stroke of luck you will hit gold.

Without vision, a person is clueless.

To be successful, there has to be something that gets you out of bed in the morning.

Your goals are not vague. They are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound.

It has been established that success is also relative, so what A considers success will be different from what B considers to be success.

The whole point of success is being fulfilled in what you set out to do. It is being satisfied with where you are and the results you get.

It is being able to confidently say you have been able to achieve your set goals.


2)You don’t put the keys to your success in the hand of others

You don’t sit and wait for others to come up with solutions for you.

You have the vision, so it is you that takes steps to achieve it.

You are not complacent, you take responsibility, and get out of your comfort zone.

A complacent person will be unhappy with their suituation, but will take no steps to change it.

Others can only help you.


3)You don’t keep on making excuses for not starting

Having a clear vision and set goals will mean nothing if you don’t start.

There will always be an excuse to give for not starting. You don’t need to search very far to find one.

One thing the universe has in abundance is excuses.

If you are going to be successful, you won’t be someone who always has one excuse of the other why they have not gotten a thing done.

Yes, it’s possible to procrastinate as a result of one thing or the other, but that’s not an excuse to not take action. You start.

If your goal is to read 20 books in a year, getting the 20 books and leaving them on your shelf for the whole year, is not taking action.


4)You put in more work than others/ be extra

Hardwork does not faze you. Anything that needs to be done, you get it done.

You don’t see hardwork as the enemy, you see it as a tool to get you what you want.

The sight of hardwork does not make you quit. Not being afraid of hardwork indicates that you are not lazy.

You are not scared of rolling up your sleeves and digging in the sand if need be.

Everyone wants success, but only a few are willing to put in the work required to achieve it.

You are also willing to go farther than others and put in more work than others do.

You are extra.


5)You don’t throw in the towel, just because of a setback

Setbacks and failures are part of the journey for every successful person.

If you read or listen to the stories of people who have been successful in different areas, one common thread you will find is that, many failed over and over again, but they didn’t give up.

You understand any failure is just a temporary setback, you learn the lessons from it and keep it moving.

I think about Thomas Edison and the number of times he failed in getting any successful result on his way to making the light bulb work.

It must have been a harrowing process, facing setback after setback and still having the courage to go on.

Successful people do not allow failures to define them, instead they use it as a way to know what should not be done.

With setback, you ask questions to determine what lessons you can learn from it.

You see failure as a form of feedback.

You make use of all your learned experiences, as a stepping stone to achieve success.


6)You are not afraid to admit when something is not working

This is totally different from giving up, it just means you need to come up with a better plan to get to your goal.

At every point, the goal remains, what changes are the strategies you adopt to get to it.

You can’t keep using a dead ox to plow the field, it is dead and obviously useless in that capacity. No matter how hard you beat the ox, it will not wake up.

Not being able to admit when something is not working, often comes from a desire to prove a point to others.

When you can realise that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone but yourself, then you are well on your way to success.


7) You are flexible and adaptable to a certain degree

You have the ability to adapt when faced with challenges and are flexible to a certain degree.

I say to a certain degree, because sticking to a plan is important for success, but also knowing when the plan needs to be adjusted is equally as important.

So you are able to stick to a plan, but are also flexible enough to consider adjusting it, when the need arises.

This also means that, you are always on the lookout for better ways to achieve your goals.

You work hard, and you also work smart.


8) You seek advice and tailor it to your own needs

Successful people seek advice, and ask for help, but they are also careful not to take advice from everybody.

There are lots of opinions and lots of advice that might derail you.

You are aware that there is good advice and there is bad advice, you also know that sieving through advice and making it your own is important.

So if for instance, you are at a crossroad, and you seek advice from those who have gone before (the experts in your area), no matter how successful they may have been, you should be able ask yourself how that advice can be beneficial to you, in reaching your own goal.

You do not just take the advice hook, line and sinker, without considering the way it might affect your personal vision, and adapting it as you deem fit.

You are aware that just because it worked for A, does not mean it will work the same way for B.


9) You are a finisher and you complete tasks at the right time

You see things through to completion.

You don’t start a project and just abandon it. You are a finisher.

Many people have great ideas, take action and start, but they lack the wit, guts, determination and discipline needed to see those ideas through to the end.

You know you are going to be successful when you are able to complete tasks, and at the right time.

A college student submitting an exam paper, hours after the deadline, is setting himself up for failure, no matter how good the paper is.

Doing things at the right time is very important for success.


10)You are able to self motivate

It is cute and all when people motivate you, but the biggest motivation has to come from within you.

Someone else motivating you will only carry you to a certain level, there will come a time when you have to motivate yourself.

The ability to self motivate is a strong indicator that you will be successful.


11)You are single minded with little to no distractions

Focusing on some many things are a time makes you less likely to succeed.

It is best to work on one thing at time, that you give your best to.

Having so many distractions can throw you off your goal.


12) You have integrity

Integrity will have people respect you.

You do not become a person of integrity because of people.

You have integrity out of respect for your own values, but one of the benefits is that, others will also respect you.

When people respect you, you are trusted, and they are more willing to develop a relationship with you.

Relationships are important for success.

If you have a business where you sell products, people will keep coming to buy your products, only if they can trust that what you are selling to them is good.

You have built a relationship with them this way.

If for any reason something happens to your brand, maybe someone tries to sabotage you, the integrity you have built over time, will have people giving you the benefit of doubt.

There are certain brands that I have stuck to for years, and I am more willing to buy any new product they put out, because they have integrity.


13)You choose your crowd wisely 

Your vision chooses your friends. It chooses the crowd you move with.

One good indicator of success is knowing when a person is not adding value to your life.

You are always respectful of everyone, but you also know where to place people in your life.

Your inner crowd consists of those with whom your vision aligns.


14)You are always open to learn seek new experiences, and you create value

Learning never stops.

I have heard this phrase often said that, the day we stop learning, is the day we die.

Learning is not just about getting a degree, it is finding ways to always improve yourself and be better and do things better.

You stay curious about things. You seek ways to constantly create value.


15)Attitude is everything

Your attitude determines your altitude, meaning your attitude will determine just how far you will go.

You have a success mindset.

You believe that you will succeed no matter the suituation.



Signs you are going to be successful

If you look closely, most overnight success took a long time. – Steve Jobs

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