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Morning routine: Unhealthy habits that can ruin your day

Morning habits that ruin your day

Anytime, I think of the word morning, It signifies a fresh start. The previous day has rolled away through the night, and the morning brings with it a whole world of possibilities.

But it very easy to ruin this fresh start with some of our habits. It is accepted that there are good and bad habits. Bad habits suck the very life out of us, draining positive energy and setting a tone for an unproductive day.

Are bad habits ruining your whole day? Are you are aware of what these bad habits are?


Here are some of the habits you practice that are currently ruining your day.


1. Checking your phone first thing in the morning

Morning routine habits

We are in the digital age, everything is online, and a lot of us are guilty of this habit. Let tell ourselves the truth, it has become an addiction.

Somehow if you do not allow your fingers to tap on the keypads of your phone, then you are not alive.


You want to know what is going on with the world. You feel that a lot has passed you by while you slept, so you check the latest tweet, trending topics, see if that person has replied your text yet, scroll through pictures, etc.


But before you know it, you have spent well over 30 mins to an hour on your phone. This could be more for chronic addicts.


This sets the tone for being unproductive.


Avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning. It is not that a lot of us don’t know this, somehow we just don’t practice it. It may seem that the pull towards bad tendencies, is stronger than the the good.


2) Snoozing your Alarm

That extra 5 minutes of sleep after the alarm has gone off seems to be the sweetest. We have all been there before, pressing the snooze for 10 minutes, then another 10 minutes and yet still another 10 minutes.

morning habits routine

Unfortunately, this is not a good morning habit. And it has a lot to say about your self discipline.


Personally, if I actually need to be up at 5 am, I make sure to set my alarm 30 mins before, so 4:30. That way it gives my body time to adjust so I am not up in a hurry. There are days though, when I am just like everyone else pressing and re-pressing the snooze button,


Continuously pressing the snooze button after your alarm has rang, is an attribute that can portray a lack of self discipline. This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth and the truth is not always pleasant to hear.


It is very important to stick to the time you have set to wake up so that your brain and indeed your whole body can function optimally the rest of the day. Pressing the snooze button can have an effect on your nervous system.



3) Not having a healthy morning routine

Successful people swear by morning routines. A good morning routine increases the likelihood of you having a great day.


The benefits of a healthy morning routine include reducing stress because then you don’t have to remember what needs to be done, you just already have a flow of the way things work.


A routine is an important step in forming a positive habit. A healthy morning routine adds structure to your daily life.



Without a morning routine, when you wake up, you are most just likely to go with the flow. So anything can crop up and take your time.


Having a morning routine does not mean unexpected things cannot happen, from time to time, somethings will occur to disrupt even the most carefully thought out plans.


4) Skipping Breakfast/Eating unhealthy breakfast

Growing up you were probably told, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  Well, it is and skipping it reduces your energy and makes you have less focus on he tasks at hand.


If you are on a weight-loss journey, skipping breakfast is counter productive because you may end up eating more later.


Also, if you do eat breakfast that is made up of primarily carbs, the energy you get from it it does not last.



5) Waking up with a Negative Attitude

Like I mentioned at the beginning. The morning signifies a new start but when you wake up and start off with negativity, it sets the tone for the day.


One way you can unconsciously start off with negativity is by complaining.


Focus on all that is great about the day. Speak positive affirmations over the day and practice gratitude journal-ling.

In conclusion…

Starting your day right is very important and like I said earlier, the habits you carry out in the morning can be the difference between you having a bad day or you having a good day. The choice remains yours.

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