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Things to do with your free time

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself with loads of free time? Aside allowing boredom take over?


For me, there is a whole lot to do and I will be sharing with you some of my favorite things to do and some others I plan to try out soon.


A Lot of these are self explanatory and for some I will add a bit of context.


Without further ado, let dive right it



Free time activities

1) Reading

OK, for some people reading does not sound like fun. Well, that may be because you have associated reading with school. More like, you read to get good grades. But reading can be fun.


Consider it a way to get into a world you haven’t been before. I have magically climbed mountains, jumped out from a plane, visited countless historic sites, all through the pages of a book.


If you have a problem with reading, you can start up by reading books with few chapters on any subject you consider interesting.


2) Watching a Documentary

Watching a movie, and watching a documentary are two different things. lets not start that argument, its too early.


3) Learn a new language

Want to impress that your foreign crush, you just might by learning a new language.


4) Watch YouTube

You will be surprised the amount of amazing information you will find on YouTube, ranging from educational, spiritual, entertainment, etc


5) Organize your space

You may be amazed the amount of space you have, if you just move a few of the items you already own around. Or maybe you will just find that one pair of sock that has been missing for a while now.


6) Create vision boards

The future is important and we need to plan for it. Although life can be so unpredictable, it does not stop us from planning. One way to do this is to create a vision board, which is a pictorial representation of your dreams and goals.


7) Learn a new skill

The world has gone digital, and learning a new skill can now be done right in the comfort of your home.


8) Netflix

Now is the time to renew that Netflix subscription that has expired for the past one year. Catch up on your favorite movies and TV Shows. No, Netflix is not paying me, but at this point, I think they should for this free advert.


9) Exercise

You can use this time to get healthy. Lots of home workouts you can try out online. Also you can go on a run.


10) Clean your make-up brushes

If you into make-up, now is the the right time to wash those make up brushes. You are not going anywhere anyway, and they are stinking please.


11) Paint

If you into the art and craft, this is the best time to paint. Release all that energy into creating something beautiful.


12) Knitting/Crotchet

Make that beautiful sweater you have always wanted to make for yourself or loved one. With all the chaos in the world, we need some thoughtful act of kindness.


13) Sew

List of things to do with your free time


14) Grow spiritually

Very important that your spiritual life experiences growth always. So spend time in the study of the word and in prayer. Listen to inspiring messages from your favorite preachers.


15) Create content

Are you a content creator, no problem. Research and create useful content. Engage your readers online, network with other bloggers.


16) Do a DIY project

Remember that awful color on the piece of furniture you love? Now it is the time to do some sanding and paint it a new color. Not sure where to start, check out DIY videos online.

Free time


17) Take an online course

Brush up on your certification, or get that certification you have not always had the time for.


18) Plan your budget

Finances in a mess, no worries. Here is that perfect time you have been waiting for to make a budget of your income. Take a look at your income and expenditures and adjust accordingly.

There are lot of spread sheets online that make the work easy for you.


19)Organize your pantry

Arrange those snacks and food items in a way that they can be easily accessible to you, when you do not have all the time.



20) Take care of your plants

Trim the dead ends off your plants and give them that TLC they need to flourish. You are not really a plant-killer, you just haven’t been treating your plants right. Plants can help bring any space to life.


What activities do you like to engage in at your free time?


She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn’t boring, – Zelda Fitzgerald (The collected writings)


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  1. I appreciate you saying that watching YouTube when you are bored is a great idea because there is plenty of amazing information available to you. My husband and I often find ourselves bored on the weekends when we don’t have any set plans and don’t know what to do. We will have to find some cool and interesting videos to watch when we find ourselves in those boring situations.

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