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Money and value

Money and value

As a kid growing up, I always had the desire to be successful financially. For me it meant being able to work and earn my own living and never be dependent.

I do not care about being super rich and being on Forbes, but I do want to earn enough to take care of myself and my dependents, invest, do all I desire to do and still have extra left.

I still do have that desire, and this girl is working and praying hard that I get to that level, but before I do, value still needs to be constantly added to my life.

I guess I noticed early on that money speaks, it is a universal language that commands attention.

It commands respect and there is a tendency for people to look down their noses at you if you do not have money regardless of race and belief and gender.

There is nothing bad in being dependent but I feel like you are enslaved to people’s mood swings and thus in a precarious situation.

It is rare to find someone who just gives you money and does not feel like that they should have some kind of hold over you.

Technically you are being done a favor knowingly or unknowingly.

When we are broke, there is a tendency to become sad and unhappy. We become “handicapped” and it seems like there is not a lot one can do.

Of course our happiness should not be dependent on money and there are people that argue that money cannot buy true happiness, well true, because true happiness can only be found in God and he gives the power to make wealth.

We just can’t deny that money answers all things. That is why people go to great lengths to have money.

So I want to ask, Is it possible to add value to yourself without money? If Yes, How? I really would love to know, bearing in mind that basic education requires money in one way or the other, either to pay fees, buy books, transport or feed etc.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I will just generally divide value into man made and soul value.
    Man has come to make man need so much In this life and majority of these needs don’t add value to your life to be honest.
    Did you really need to go to school? over time school has come to have value by virtue of just numbers not because its the best way to go.
    But you’ve gone to school and studied whatever it is that you studied but it will be of little or no value if you stop building it. eg say go for masters etc. you are adding value to something man made you to need and that automatically translates into spending more money to add value to your life.
    The problem is what man has come to make you need and as a human being if you can’t cater for your needs you are likely to be unhappy because those needs cost money.

    Now soul value. just imagine what makes you happy. just writing. imagine you’ve been doing that all your life or your parents picked up on it and help nature the skill. it’s all you know , its all you do. it’s all you need. it’s food for your soul. such things also attract people and the best part is those people it attracts are usually your kind of people,genuine people, deep people, even superficial ones that you don’t even need cause you just doing your thing. it highly unlikely that that kind of traffic will not attract someone that would eventually find what you do fascinating enough to put you up there for the world to see without you ass kissing. watch how the fortune comes in. now you have people giving you attention respect and money. all of these value from just doing the thing that you like, the one thing you just needed to be doing “writing”.
    After all this values human beings can still be unhappy. happiness is a very obscure thing. something is always missing in humans.

    lastly, you needed an education to be able to write and education cost money. May e you would have written in your language at best lol. in the end you can’t really say you can add value without money but if you feed your soul it will takes less money to add value to your life.

    1. Thank you for your response. I do particularly agree with your last sentence. Cheers to feeding the soul

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