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7 Tips for making healthy lifestyle changes/upgrade

7 Tips for making healthy lifestyle changes

Need a lifestyle change? Do you feel stuck and have this need to just generally do better with the life that you have been given?

Here are some simple changes that you can make and will go a long way in making your life wholesome and better. They have been summarized into 7 points.

You are guaranteed to begin to see great improvement in your life in as little as 1-3 months.

1) Diet Change

I am sure you have read and seen countless materials on diet and the amount of importance they play in your overall wellbeing? Well, sorry to shock you, but those materials are true.

Diet can be a huge gamechanger in bringing about your desired lifestyle improvement. Sometimes you do not necessarily have to go all out in changing your whole diet, but just a few tweaks to your current diet can have you feeling better.

Something as little as drinking a glass of water when you wake up in the morning, even better if its warm warm with lemon.


2) Incorporate exercise into your daily routine

As with your diet, you do not necessarily have to sleep in the gym, or develop a six pack. But exercise is great.

You can start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, standing up and taking a walk for couple of minutes if you have been sitting down for so long.


3) Dream big or dream a little

The important thing is to have a dream. Having a dream helps you to develop goals and pursue purpose.

It gives more meaning to your existence and even when you are not at the point where you want to be, it gives you something to work towards.


4) Sleep

Effective ways to sleep better when dealing with anxiety

If you are one of those who see sleep as being lazy, well, its high time you have a change of mindset.

Sleep is important and sleep is good. It helps you maintain a level of healthy balance. Sleep triggers the release of hormones that encourage body tissue to repair themselves, provides an energy boost and helps you gain an overall positive attitude.

So if you have not being sleeping properly, now its a good time to start.


5) Work on bad habits

You have things you do that you know are not great, or even if you don’t know for yourself, its probably been mentioned to you by people around you more than once.

As much as we are not perfect beings, it’s not an excuse to not work on becoming better in areas where you need to.

Make a list of all your bad habits and start by replacing one bad habit a week with a better one and be consistent. In the long run, better habits will be formed and bad habits replaced.

Some bad habits that affect you badly include smoking, drinking excessively, etc…


6) Work on self-improvement

There are definitely areas in your life career wise, family wise, etc., that need a boost. Read books and study them consistently. If you set aside as little as 30 minutes daily, in a few months you will be amazed by the amount of progress you have made.

Go for therapy if need be. A lot more of us need therapy than we like to acknowledge.

There is nothing bad in acknowledging that you need professional help in unlearning and unpacking some of these trauma and learned behaviors that affect your life and relationships.


7) Smile and count your blessings daily


This is a call to develop a heart of gratitude and be thankful for where you are now. For relationships, for people in your life, and the things you have in your life.

Stop and smell the flowers and enjoy every season in your life because life is always evolving.



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  1. These are simple but great points.

    It’s funny how we expect that only big things can change our lives.

    I keep procrastinating on the first two points.

    Well, breastfeeding is my perfect excuse. 😂

    1. Legalalien says:

      My dear you have a valid excuse. Take it your time.

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