A tale of the forbidden fruit

A tale of the fruit

What I imagine the beginning was like.

Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, everything going great… All they had to do everyday was eat, sleep, talk to the animals, check the plants, and fellowship…



Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the sea…

The serpent thought within himself…,” Hell No. This will not work. I must disrupt this peace. This peace that I had before, and lost. This new creatures of God must know how it feels suffer… I refuse to suffer alone.”

So he came to the woman as she was busy tending to a plant she had noticed needed help the day before on the other side of the Garden.

Normally, Eve would have asked Adam to help out, but they had a little disagreement that morning. And she was determined to show him she was capable of taking care of herself.

Beautiful Lucifer, the son of the morning he was called. In his serpent form, he was also a beautiful serpent.

He probably always passed by Eve a couple of times before that day, looking for an opportunity. And made little conversations nothing major, until that particular day.



Serpent: Eve, how are you doing? What are you up to today without Adam?

Eve: (looks up to see the beautiful serpent) “I am fine. Just came to check the plants around this area. Adam is on the other side.”

Serpent: “Ah, that’s nice. The plants are flourishing, you are doing a good job. Don’t tell Adam I said this, but I think you do a better job with the plants.”

Eve: (Blushing) “Oh really…, Thank you. Finally someone who appreciates all I do around here.”

Serpent: “Don’t thank me. I am just speaking facts. While we are at this plant topic, did you notice that huge tree over there.”

Eve: “The one in the middle?…”

Serpent: “Yes, that one. I noticed you and Adam don’t go too close to it.”

Eve: “Yeah, I see it. God told us not to eat it’s fruit so we don’t die.”
“Though I don’t really understand what it means to die, but we have enough fruits already from the other trees, so it’s not a problem. The tree does not even look that good.”

Serpent: “Really, that beautiful tree? Are you sure we are looking at the same tree?”
“Don’t you notice how that it’s fruits shine brightly?” “Have you seen any other tree in this garden with different colored fruits? Have you thought of how each of the different colored fruit will taste?”

Eve:” Hmm, you have a point…, But God…”

Serpent: (Interrupts her) “God what?… Why would he create all these trees in the garden, allow you to eat every tree except this one? Don’t you suspect that it’s because he may be hiding something? That is the only tree that bears different colored fruits and he does not want you to eat it?”

Eve: (deep in thought, already thinking about how heavenly the tree must taste) “That’s true, why would God say we should not eat it? After all he created it.”

Serpent: “Now you are thinking straight. You are now asking the right questions. It’s because he does not want you to know things. He does not want you to be like the gods, knowing good and evil.
“Don’t you want to know what goes on the mind of Adam?… He does not seem to be quite talkative and I am sure you want to know how it was with him before you got here, right?”

Eve: “Yeah, I have been asking him ever since I got here. He always says to enjoy the moments and not worry about the past.”

Serpent: “No, you need to find more about his past. He may be hiding something. Man is not be trusted.”
“You would know all that and more if you just eat from this tree. Aside knowing good and evil, the tree has anti-aging benefits…You will not die.”

Eve: “OK, I am convinced. Let me try one.”

Serpent: “Perfect. Don’t stress your fine self. Let me help you shake it, the fruits will fall. (shakes trees and a couple of brightly colored fruits fall)

Eve: “Wow, so many choices. All this deliciousness. let me pick this pink one. You know pink is my favorite color.” (Picks pink fruit and gazes longingly at it)

Serpent: “Go ahead, take a bite. Tell me what you think afterward.”

Eve is a little hesitant remembering God commandment. Takes a bite anyway
Eve: “You were right…, It does taste good.”

Seconds later…


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