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Fun, cheap and fulfilling things you can do on the weekend as a single person

Cheap fun and fulfilling things you can do on the weekend as a single person

You are single with no attachments and its the weekend.

What to do you aside watch Netflix and chill under the duvet?

Its great sometimes to chill under the duvet, many of us would love to do that all the time, but sometimes you want to do something more exciting and fulfilling.

While single you can enjoy life on your own terms.

This is the period to discover a lot of things about yourself and you can have a fulfilling time doing those things you love or trying out new adventures.

Don’t stay moping around and bemoaning your single state.


Here are some fun and fulfilling things you can do over the weekend.

1) Go the movies

Aside watching movies on Netflix on your bed, dress up and go out. You can go alone or you can hangout with your buddies.


2) Visit the local library

You would discover that there are some interesting things you have been neglecting at your local library.


I have found a lot of interesting books at the library and some libraries have a section where you can sit, have tea and reflect.


3) Go swimming

Swimming is a fun way to keep fit, relax and make friends.


4) Go the gym

There is this extra confidence that comes with looking and feeling good. Sign up at the gym and take care of your body and mental health.


5) Join a class

Join an online class to develop skills for your career or join a recreational class like dance class, zumba, cooking classes etc.


6) Hang out with your other single people

Go out and meet new people. Connect with old friends you have not seen or heard from in a while.


7) Learn a new language

With the internet, you can learn almost anything just at the push of a button on your computer.

Learn that language you always found fascinating.

Learning a new language is believed to help you make better decisions, improves memory and attention span.


8) Travel, go on a cruise

There are a lot of all inclusive cruise travels that offer round trips during the weekend with a lot of fun activities to do while on the cruise.

There are also travel organizations such as TRAVELSTART where you can find cheap online tickets for both international and domestic flights, small group travels, there you can meet with other people and the organization is in charge of finding your accommodation, places to eat, etc, all they need is your money and you.

You can also try travelling solo, it is liberating.


9) Finish that project you have been putting off

That project could just be redecorating your home, You are single and that means you are able to make most decisions without having to put someone else like a partner into consideration.


10) Window shopping/find sales

Go through the shop isles and see what they have to offer.

You can also find the best deals on items you like.

Make it more fun by going with a friend and then you can have fun comparing tastes and seeing who can find the best deals.


11) Try out new recipes

Trying out new recipes makes for a good challenge even if you do not love cooking.

You can try out new recipes on your own or invite a bunch of friends over to try them out with you.


12) Go bowling

You can go bowling with your friends.


13) Plan game nights

With just snacks and a few games, you can have the best nights of cheap fun with friends.


14) Read a good book

You can finish up that book that has been sitting on your shelf for the past one year.


15) Go on a tour of your local city/community

You would be pleasantly surprised at the hidden treasures you would find and have overlooked in your local city/community.


16) Visit an art exhibition or museum.

If there is a museum around you, visit it.

History is very interesting.


17) Go on a picnic

All you need is your packed lunch, a good book and a great picnic site.

Have you ever had a picnic on a beach? It’s so peaceful and heavenly, you should try it.

You can go alone or with friends.


18) Prepare for and run in a marathon

There are several marathons that support good causes.

Check with your local community. Aside the physical benefits, running fuels your inner “I can do” spirit.


What are some other things you do on the weekend that you find interesting and fulfilling?



fun, cheap and fulfilling things you can do on the weekend as a single person




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