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Gratitude list 2021

This year was the year where God was like, ‘Chill child, I am going to prove myself to you’, and prove he did in a thousand million trillion ways.

A line in the Maverick/Elevation worship song million little miracles goes, …count your miracles, one, two, three, four, I can’t even count them all…, and that’s how I feel.

The defining points of my 2020 were anxiety filled.

For so long I felt like a free faller, just blowing in whatever direction the winds take me.

2021 brought with it a whole lot of clarity and peace.

I felt solid ground beneath my feet, for once in a long long time.

I feel rooted, I feel planted and I am blooming.

There were still some moments of anxiousness, but they were moments promptly crushed.

All my gratitude this year is for my heavenly father. He never allowed me to suffer hurt, pain or shame. He delivered me from circumstances that would have brought those even when I was oblivious, or when my actions may have welcomed them.

When I say I am God’s favourite child, you best believe that I am. I am God’s ‘Omotena’.

The summation of what this year has been to me is ‘everything good will come‘.

They have surely come and are still coming.

It might look repetitive at this point, but I remain grateful for friends and acquitances.

One thing I was made more aware of in the year 2021, is that God does not come down to do things, he uses the people around you. This girl is forever grateful for the gift of men.

Also grateful for my fam-bam. Every year, as I grow older, I realise how privileged I am to come from the family I have.

A girl is short of words, so a girl will stop here. A girl is also not going to make any promises regarding the blog but to my dear readers, I appreciate the love. I really do.

So here is to 2021, thanks for being my year of everything good will come.

Cheers to the year 2022. Cheers to living life beautifully and to the fullest.

P.S: Incase you care to know, after craving, and talking endlessly about them the whole year, I finally found where to get Macarons, in not just one but two places close to me in the month of December. Is God not wonderful? 

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