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6 popular things people do to lose weight that do not actually cause weightloss

6 popular things to lose weight that does not cause weight lossWeightloss, weightloss, weightloss everywhere.

A lot of people these days are quite obssesed with losing weight. Sometimes people go as far as doing extreme things in a bid to lose weight.

There are also very popular things people do with the mindset that they help in weightloss but not really.

These factors though not harmful, cannot on their own, make you lose weight.


1)Taking concoction mix e.g lemon, ginger, mint leaves and warm water

Sorry to burst your bubble but just drinking all those concoction will not make you lose weight. It only makes your water less boring, and promotes bowel movement. Bowel movement does not translate to weight loss.

This also applies to all the flat tummy tea takers.


2) Avoiding late meals

Yes, It is great to avoid eating late as it gives your body more time to digest food before you go to bed.

But just avoiding late night eating in the hopes that it will make you lose weight will not work.

I have been there before. Eating lots of food and stopping just because its 7pm.

If you eat all the heavy calorie meal before 7pm, and you do not use up more calories than you take in, sorry but not sorry, weightloss is not your portion.


3)Skipping meals in the morning

This may be debatable, but I am here to inform you that all you did was starve yourself of some sumptuous breakfast.

Just skipping meals does not make you lose weight, some even say it can make you eat a lot more later on in the day which sounds logical.

Studies have shown that skipping or eating breakfast does not affect the number of calories you burn.

What matters is the total amount of food consumed throughout the day.


4) Checking your weight immediately after one exercise

Weldone. You have finally exercised after 6 months of going without. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is not magical. You are not going to lose weight from that one exercise.

For you to lose weight, exercise has to be a continuous and consistent part of your lifestyle.


5) Not eating carbs and foods with gluten.. Etc

I was at the cereal aisle, and in a bid to prove I am healthy, I picked up a cereal box that had gluten free boldly written on it. It cost so much more than the box with gluten that after due consideration of my pocket, I dropped it back.

Completely cutting carbs from your diet and filling it up with loads of fat and protein based foods will not automatically translate to weightloss.

And except you have a disease, e.g Celia that stops your body from reacting favourably to gluten, avoiding foods with gluten is not worth it.

You need a healthy amount of carbs in your body for energy. There are different forms of carbs and completely cutting all carbs can lead to bigger issues health wise. You gain weight if you eat too much of anything. The goal should be to eat healthy in the right portions.


6)Suffocating your belly in a waist trainer

Errrm, ok… Guaranteed, they make you look good in that dress, but they do not really cause weightloss. They also cause a number of health concerns so if you must wear, do so with caution.


At the end of the day, a healthy diet combined with exercise is still the way to go.




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