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FINDING HAPPINESS: Things all happy do

How to be happy

How do you define happiness? What does it truly mean to be happy?

One way happiness is defined, is to have a sense of well-being, contentment and joy.

It is established, everyone wants to be happy. We work hard at jobs because we crave happiness from it or from the things we can afford from having a job.

We stay in relationships with people who we think can make us happy, we go on trips and adventures in the hopes of finding happiness doing those things considered exciting.

But are we truly happy with things? 

Have you wondered about people, who do not the opportunity to experience most of these things but somehow seem genuinely happy?

Those who remain optimistic, hopeful and truly happy about life no matter their circumstance? It seems like they can never be caught in a bad mood.



How be to happy

They seem to have really discovered to the secret of happiness.

What are those things they do or have that others do not have?


1) Practice Gratitude


One important factor in the lives of those who are truly happy, is gratitude.

It is hard to have a heart of gratitude and remain unhappy. It also requires a certain degree of conscious effort to always be thankful.

This way, your focus is primarily on all that you are grateful for.

2) Be a Giver



Happy people are givers. Even if they have little, they give from the little.

There is this saying that, it is from what you do with the small things, that would determine what would be done with the big things.

There is a divine law attached to giving. That is why it is commonly said, “givers never lack”.

It is important to know that giving does not always have to be about physical things. You can also give your time, etc.


3) Do things you love

Doing something you love, increases your level of happiness. That is why those who have been successful in turning their hobbies into a source of income, do not feel it is work.

When you view something as a chore, your response to it will be different because you feel compelled to.

There is no love and happiness in compulsion, that is why God the creator, gives us the free will to choose him.

4) Live regret free

We can’t completely rule out making mistakes. We are human and therefore fallible, but happy people give much thought to the choices they make. When you give more thought to your choices, you will make less mistakes.

When mistakes are made though, its best to forgive yourself for making that mistake.

Happy people make mistakes, forgive themselves and move on.

There is nothing to be achieved or gained, by constantly beating yourself over things that have happened and cannot be changed, just a constant life of misery.

We are not living in a perfect world, and in your strive toward perfection, bear that in mind.

Also do not sweat the small stuff. It is not every war that needs to be fought and won.


5) Do not compare

Comparison forever remains a thief of joy. Stop comparing your life and experiences with others.

Be happy with the life you have and if there are things you do not like about it, take steps to make it better if you can, but never compare the life you have with another.

There are only few who really show what goes on behind the scenes of their life, most people only show you their highlighted reel.

You can’t go on basing the quality of your life on edited versions of another person’s life.

You will forever be unhappy, feel insecure and inadequate if you continue to compare.

6) Learn to accept

On the backdrop of not comparing is learning to accept.

There are certain things we cannot change such as people’s behavior and character. You are primarily responsible for your own actions.

When you do not accept things that have happened and/or people for who or what they are and have shown you to be, you end up getting frustrated in your bid to somehow think you can change anyone.

Work on those areas you have control over, and leave the rest.


7) Have Good Sleep

Habits that make you happy

Surprised? No, you shouldn’t. Happy people sleep. People who do not have enough sleep are often grumpy and unhappy.

Haven’t you noticed that anytime you do not sleep well, you are likely to be on edge?

Sleep deprivation leads to higher levels of stress. When you are well rested, you become more calm, alert and happy.

Rest and sleep is an integral part to happiness. Good sleep helps you cope with stress, managing your emotions, enhances creativity and problem solving skills among others.

Losing even one hour of sleep, can affect your ability to think and respond properly. Sleep requirements differ for individuals, but in general, it is recommended that adults have 7-9 hours of sleep.


8) Eat Healthy

The more junk food you consume overtime, they more unhappy you become.

This is because eating large amounts of  junk food can lead to a number of health problems, and also uncontrolled weight gain.

You are also not able to function optimally, because your body is not being fed the right food.

Good food makes you happy and healthy.


9) De-clutter and live stress free

Happy people keep life simple. With less clutter, you life is more organized.

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10) Exercise

Habits that make you happy

Exercise has an effect on happiness, Research shows that people who workout tend to be happier than those who do not.

It affects your mental health and emotions positively. When you exercise, your body release chemicals called endorphins that trigger happy feelings.


11) Volunteer

When you shift the focus from yourself, you would soon discover that your situation is not as bad as you think.

Happy people dedicate their time to helping others.


12) Balance time spent alone and time with friends and family

People who are happy, have been able to find a balance between spending time alone and spending time with family and friends. They understand the importance of having both. They understand the importance of having a great support system, bonding with others, and fostering positive relationships.

On the other hand, they also understand the importance of taking time out away from people, to enjoy time alone.

This time is used to recharge, reflect on self, have a greater understanding of their own emotions and do things they love.

You cannot continuously try to make others happy, and neglect yourself.


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13) Learn when/how to say No

Yeah, you see that two letter word, it is extremely important for happiness.

Saying No, as easy as it is to spell, is not so easy to say for a lot of people.

But to be happy,  you need to master the act of saying No.

You cannot keep saying yes to making everyone else happy, at the detriment of your self.

Saying yes all the time, to things and people, leaves room for undue pressure, stress. There has to be a balance.

14) Have a relationship with God

People who are happy are spiritual. They understand that God is in charge of their lives and they have a relationship with him.


At the end of the day, happiness is a choice. and you make the choice to be happy. No one can make you happy


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It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it. – Dale Carnegie

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  1. Drealsumzy says:

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

  2. Anwi Josephine says:

    There is so much to learn from here but to say a few,…. i need my rest. And i agree. To be happy is a conscious decision. Thanks for the tips Hephzee

  3. Having a relationship with God is the most important key to joy! Great Post!

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