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Early Morning routines for success and happiness

Early Morning routines for success and happiness

Mornings are cool. They signify the start of something new. A brand new day.

There are 3 different categories of people, those who function better at night, those who function better in the morning and those who can function at anytime, and we can add a fourth, those who are always tired no matter the time of the day.

Regardless of how you function, mornings are a very important part of your day.

Most people have to get up in the mornings regardless of whether they prefer to or not.

If you are a morning person, a great routine would help increase your productivity, and if you are not a morning person, having a great routine will definitely help you better enjoy your mornings.

There are certain things you can do that make your mornings very great. In no time, once this habits have become a part of your day, you would end up looking forward to your mornings.

And remember, most successful people will tell you the importance of having a positive morning routine as key to their success.

Early Morning routines that make your day productive.

1)Early to bed, early to rise

There is a bible verse, that emphasizes the need to make use of the day light when we have it. John 9 v 4.

Even if you are not a spiritual person, you may still agree that when you wake up early, you tend to have the time and energy to get more things done.

If you happen to be one of those who can’t just seem to be able to wake up early, try sleeping early.

The benefits of waking up early, far outweigh the few hours of morning sleep you so much love.

Sure, there are times when you can sleep in, it is allowed.

Personally, those early morning hours when most of the world is still asleep, gives me this sense of peace and calmness.

I find that I am able to get things done at a more relaxed pace.



  • Set a maximum of two wake up alarm to help you wake early
  • Determine to get up from bed immediately the first alarm rings
  • Endeavor to wake up at the same time each day, so your body can adjust to the rhythm.


2) Meditation and Prayer

Before your mind gets caught up in the different activities for the day, it is important to take time out to focus on meditation and prayer.

Meditation helps you to have a more focused attention and be more aware throughout the day.

It is a time for reflection, and what better time to do so than before the start of your day.


Early morning routines for happiness and success


One great way to mediate is on the scriptures. The scriptures has so many uplifting messages that will help you in your everyday life.

Meditating on the scriptures will guide you, throughout your whole day.

The more mediation you engage in, the less anxious you become.

Research also shows that people who meditate, tend to have more compassion and empathy.

Also, they are better able to root out distractions and increase the level of their productivity.

Other benefits of meditations include:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Reduce the noise in your brain

If you are not used to meditation, here are a few starting tips

  • Find your corner, i.e find a comfortable place and position you can be without distraction.
  • Focus on the object of your mediation.
  • When meditating on the scriptures, it is important to get basic understanding of the words.
  • At the beginning, your mind might begin to wander, do not give in to those distracting thoughts
  • If you can’t get your mind to stop being distracted, write out those distracting thoughts. The logic behind this is that, when you write down what is on your mind, your brain can then shift its focus to other things.


3) Exercise

early morning habits

For Bodily exercise profits little…I Tim 4 v 8a

Exercise is good, and it is recommended even in the bible.

Exercise is an activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

Your physical health has great impact on your mental health.

The problem is that many find it hard to begin exercising and even when they get started, they soon discover that it requires a certain level of commitment to follow through with it.

For exercise to then be a part of your morning routine, you need to develop a right mindset about it.

The more importance you attach to a thing, the more time you have for it.

The biggest barrier to achieving any goal is the mental barrier.

Once you are able to move past that, you are halfway towards your goal.

One way to motivate yourself into exercising is to be aware of its benefits.

These benefits include improved energy, mood, improved sleep, improved general health. It also reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Consider exercise as important. The bible says our bodies are the temple of God, and if your body is a temple, then it needs to be given the right treatment for it flourish and serve its purpose.

If you have never exercised before, and are unsure of where to start, you can start by taking a walk around your neighborhood, going up and down the stairs or following some simple exercise plans online.

Even when you get discouraged at some point, as you will, always remember Rome was not built in a day.

You do not have to spend countless hours in the gym, or try to workout exactly like Mr or Ms A does.

Be kind to yourself, listen to your own body, work at your pace and do not put the weight of unrealistic expectations on yourself.

That would be defeating the purpose which is to develop a all-round sound health and total wellness.



  • The goal is to make exercise part of our morning routine, so start small
  • Prepare your workout gear the night before, to make it easier for you to grab in the morning.
  • Get workout gear that you love and comfortable in. A shiny new workout gear can just be the right motivation you need to get out of bed
  • Have someone keep you accountable. You can do this by committing to working out with someone else. There are lots of online groups these days, where you can find work out and tract your progress in groups.
  • Make it more fun by pairing exercise with something you enjoy, such as listening to music, your favorite podcasts, messages or audio book.


4) Eat Breakfast

Early morning routines


The first meal of your day, sets the tone for the whole day.

Some people have the habit of skipping breakfast or eating unhealthy breakfast on the run with the excuse of having no time. This is where a morning routine can help.

Because your mornings are planned, you find out you have ample time on your hands to do the things that are most important such as eating breakfast.

It is recommended that Breakfast be rich in protein and less carbs, for optimal performance during the day. You should not completely skip carbs.

Having breakfast helps refuel your glycogen stores, kick starts your metabolism and improves it over time when it becomes a part of your regular morning routine.

It also helps you reduce the chance of eating high calorie food during the course of the day.

With regards to your productivity and performance through out the day, making breakfast an essential part of your morning routine improves your memory, levels of concentration  and energy levels.



  • Have a weekly breakfast plan


5) Affirmations and confessions

It is beneficial to make time spent with positive affirmations and powerful declarations a part of your morning routine.

There so much power in words and even more power when they are spoken out loud.

Affirmations are words that you repeat to yourself, while having a desired outcome in mind.

Affirmations motivate you, affect your subconscious mind, which in turn affects your attitude towards things, your actions and the way you react.

They also help in strengthening your resolve and desire to achieve your goals.

Affirmations are powerful tools that can change your negative thought patterns to positive ones.

When speaking out your affirmations, you have to be confident that what you are saying is true.

At the beginning, your mind may find it hard to believe them, but as you continuously say them, they become part of your subconscious and you would soon start believing and acting accordingly.



  • Say them out loud
  • You can write them out on stick it notes, and place them wherever it can be conveniently seen by you. e.g The bathroom door


Examples of some positive Affirmations and confessions

  • I am good enough
  • I attract wealth
  • I am free of worry and at peace with who I am
  • I am capable of achieving all I set my heart on
  • I am successful
  • This day will bring me nothing but joy
  • Everything works out for my good


When you speak positive words to yourself, your life changes.




It is important to note that a morning routine only becomes a routine when you are prepared to do it often.



Early morning routines for success and happiness






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  1. Drealsumzy's TV says:

    Really helpful tips, thanks for sharing, now I think I need some re-adjustment of schedule

  2. Anwi Josephine says:

    These are some really great morning routine tips. The fifth point hit me hard. I remembered sometime ago while I was reading Maya’s Poets, I will have a book where i wrote out some of the lines that spoke to me. I believe in affirmations and they are so helpful. They help build you. Thanks for these great tips Hephzee

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  4. Patricia Bart says:

    Thank you for such a gentle reminder. This past few months have been so emotionally overwhelming with the election, quarantining, coping at home without benefit of seeing friends and family and random strangers too. These reminders are so important with winter on the way. Thank you!

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