You really do need that Inhaler

relieving allergy symptoms

The last time I was home, My dad got me an antihistamine inhaler. It was the same brand as the one I get with prescription from the doctor where I live. So I knew it was a good one.

But for over a year, I have not gone to pick up any from the pharmacy. I guess my Dad hearing me sneeze, decided to get me one. We both have allergies.

I collected it, thanked him and left it unopened. Anytime I was stepping out of the house, I put it in my bag, but I didn’t use it. I would come back home, remove it from the bag and place it back on my room table. At this point, I had convinced myself that I didn’t need inhalers, and was going to deal with my allergy symptoms my own way.

Fast-forward to some weeks after, the symptoms began to get worse. Now I was beginning to have problems breathing as well. The Inhaler sitting pretty on my room table seemed to be beckoning on me to make use of it, but i ignored it still. And daily, the allergy symptoms got worse.

One night in desperation, I decided to finally open up the inhaler and make use of it. I slept better. Used it for the next two days, my breathing became better and I was no more sneezing as much as before.

I have been asking myself why I felt I did not need the inhaler. Instead I choose to suffer for so long before finally using it.

This morning, I got a message from my struggle. Several times in our lives, the relief we need is found in God. But as intelligent beings, we think we can handle things in our own way. We think we are self sufficient, heaven helps those who help themselves right? Hmm.

Fortunately, God is ever within reach, waiting patiently for us to realize that we need him to breathe better. As we inhale, we are filled with his breathe. His breathe gives life and relieves the allergy symptoms of life that are threatening to choke us.

At the end of the day, the earlier we realize we need him, the better for us.

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