Naomi's Diary

Naomi’s Diary: God bless whoever created Churros

Naomi's Diary

Social media

Its been roughly 6 days since I deleted my most used social media apps except WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a great means of communication for me, and my intent on deleting my social media is not to cut off communication.

With my Social media gone, I am officially in the withdrawal stages of an addiction. Maybe the word addiction is extreme, but I feel like I was getting there.

As a blogger, I do need to make use of social media, but I didn’t like the way I was becoming attached to it. Presently looking forward to see how long I can keep this up. My personal target is at least a month.


Lately, Its been my desire to develop a deeper relationship with God. I have discovered that it is a great thing to have a Father in Heaven I can communicate with like I can do with my earthly Father.

Its even better with my heavenly father, because he doesn’t need me to have data or network on my phone because he is ever present with me.

After going through my doubt phase, when I lost my mum, I am glad he did not let go of me. Grateful for the circle of people around me, who kept me grounded.

Churros and Culture

This weekend was all about connection. And it took me from eating Churros, to attending worship services with my friends. Also, It was Multicultural Sunday at my Church. The one Sunday in the whole year when we officially can dress to represent our various cultures. We also pray for the Nations of the world, sing in Vernacular, and eat all kinds of food.

I dressed in my one and only Native attire, representing the one and only culture I can actually relate to a little. At least in respect to food and cloths. That the only part of culture I feel I can at least identify with. I do not subscribe to many aspects of the Nigerian culture especially those that constantly exploit and suppress people.

God bless whosoever created Churros. Dieting is on a weekend break.



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