The danger of temporary comfort…

Temporary comfort

7 minutes feels like eternity when you are sitting out on a lonely bus stop bench, waiting for the bus in freezing temperatures.

That was me yesterday, sitting and shaking. You would have thought I was being electrocuted, by the way my body vibrated as a result of the cold.

Even though, I had on a winter jacket and winter boots, somehow the cold still found its way into my bones. How this happened, is beyond me.

At that moment, warmth was all I needed. Sincerely if God had appeared to me there and then, and asked me to name one thing I desired, it would have been warmth or that the bus I was waiting for should miraculously appear.

From where I was, I could walk home, but the cold was just too much so I waited for the bus, still in the cold, because somehow I believed waiting instead of walking the whole distance was better.

I was less concerned that I still needed to get off the bus at some point and walk to my home.

When the bus finally arrived, I was grateful for the warmth it provided, although temporary.

I was tempted to stay right on, just to enjoy a few more moments of warmth, but that would have been foolish of me, knowing that just a few more minutes of discomfort, I would be home. The bus ride was only two minutes.

I had began to get used to the warmth of the bus, that my stop which was just two minutes ahead did not look appealing.

Fortunately, this bus stop was not just any ordinary stop, it signaled something more permanent.

The warmth I so desperately craved, I would be having in just another 5 minutes and this time, it will be coming along with a warm bed.

Also awaiting me was the chance to make a cup of tea that would warm me up from the inside out.

If I stayed longer on the bus in the name of enjoying the temporary warmth it provided, I would have ended up at a point which was not any closer to home, and I would have still had to retrace my steps back.

Many times when we pray, we don’t seem to see beyond our present needs.

So we ask for things that may only provide us temporary comfort.

The danger there is this, the comfort which those things we think we need brings can makes us lose focus on what lies ahead.

On a happy note, the Bible says, in our weakness, we do not know what to pray for, but the Spirit of God helps us and intercedes for us. Romans 8:26

And if we endure those moments of discomfort, the joys that await us are limitless. Psalm 30 v 5

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  1. Sumbo says:

    Really, was it that serious? Nice experience ?I really don’t know which I prefer, cold or hot weather. When it’s cold, we pray for sun, and when it’s extremely sunny we want cold.. #life????

    1. Legalalien says:

      Ah it was the serious. I guess also because I did not have on hand gloves so my fingers were numb.

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