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You cannot please everyone, you are not a nutela jar

So Meghan Markle just had a baby shower thrown for her by her friends. While many wished her well and were happy that at least she still connects with the friends she had before she married into royalty, some are quite mad.

Reason being that they feel her friends should not have spent all that money throwing her a baby shower. She does not need anything. They should give to the poor.

So here is my not so humble submission, as an “expert” in all things royal and a long lost member of the royal family…I dare you to disagree.

While I believe the poor should always be taken care off, I personally do not feel because you have access to everything, then you cannot enjoy presents and a good time with your friends. God is not against merriment.

It’s not her fault that her friends are people like Serena williams, Amal clooney and they are wealthy. I do believe all these people worked hard for their money and you surely cannot fault hardwork. And even if they didn’t, well…someone close to them did. Don’t rich people deserve to have a good time? Or is it only the grass to grace, suffering and smiling story that we love?

Abraham in the bible was very rich. Even reading the story of job, I was like wow! He lost everything and was blessed later with double of what he lost. (it definitely did not all happen in a year, because you can’t replace 7 sons and 7 daughters times 2 in a year). The point is Job was RICH.

Meghan Markle is actually one that donates and supports a lot of charities and organizations that help the under privileged.

Just the other day, a fraction of folks were all up in arms during her visit to a homeless shelter. She had scribbled words of encouragement on the banana that was to be given in every meal pack. I for one saw that as thoughtful, don’t you think?

While I am not a advocate of reckless spending and believe moderation should be a watchword in everything we do, I do believe that moderation is a “relative”word.

What is moderate to you may not be moderate to me and vice versa. And I do not think that people expect her to have a baby shower on the streets with plastic cups and 1 dollar ballons as decor.

Best believe that some of the very same people berating Meghan and her friends would be the very same blasting her for having a shower beneath the standards of the royal family.

And she was not showing off. We just have pictures splattered all over the place of her friends arriving and leaving because… paparazzi. No one was posting and flaunting “for the gram”.

The statement, you cannot please everyone, you are not a ‘nutela jar’ or ‘jollof’ for my naija fam applies here. Even with jollof rice or nutela, not everyone likes them.

I feel that its really exhausting to live for the praise and applause of people.

Strive to please the one who created you and who should have your allegiance. That’s the most important.

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