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Social media intimidation? Reasons why you should take a social media break

So I decided to take a little social media break.

I do it from time to time mostly to assure myself that I am not an addict, and to pay more attention to pressing life issues like talking to people.

This particular break was/is needed.

I was starting feel like my life is on a standstill based on what I see people accomplishing online.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy when people especially those closest to me make progress.


Reasons why you need a social media break


I do not just want to fall into the habit of comparing successes, and that is what I feel social media was trying to make me do.

It is one thing to feel challenged and it is another thing to feel inadequate, frustrated or not up to par or where you are supposed to be based on other people’s lives and expectations.

Not that one should not set goals and work towards accomplishing them but those goals must be your own goals not anyone else.

One can be inspired by others but there is a thin line between allowing oneself to be inspired (trust me I have been inspired plenty by people on social media) and feeling inadequate in spite of oneself.

Take for instance the biblical character Noah, he built the ark waiting for the rain and a lot of people made mockery of his building.

I like to believe there were times Noah had to ask God why he has to go through all that trouble and mockery and when the rain was actually going to start to fall.

Little by little words, actions, pictures etc, have the ability to seep into our subconscious mind and can influence our lives either positively or negatively.

At such times, its best to withdraw from all that cause this feeling and focus on yourself.


I gained Clarity and focus.

Social media is not bad but when frequently used. it has the tendency to bombard us with a lot of information all at the same time.

How and why you use social media is your personal choice, Just do not allow it take control of your life.

Have a great time, fulfilling purpose and smashing goals.


Where purpose is not known , abuse is inevitable

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