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Messy room,birthday’s and other random stuff

I am on my way to church and interestingly what is presently on my mind is the state of mess I left my room in.

I couldn’t decide on what to wear today so I turned the room upside down.

Many times I just mentally decide on what I would love to wear and someone it all comes together but not today.

What I prepared the night before was not working out. Somehow I think I had a premonition it may not, because I wore something I had considered as backup before going in for the main dress I had planned to wear.

Unfortunately, both the main and the back up were not working out. I also discovered one important factor, I need more shoes!

Shoes of different colours and styles. I seem to have the same basic style of shoes, just boots and sneakers and all in black.

I still love my black shoes, they don’t discriminate but some certain clothes need that extra spice provided by a shoe (not boots and sneakers) to work.

Finally decided on one of my tried and trusted dresses, a subject of many a picture.

I wanted something different today because I knew I was going be take some pictures today. It’s the the Sunday after my birthday, and I am taking a cake to church to share with the brethren, so if you see me in a picture with one of my generic dresses, you know the reason why. Not that I owe anyone an explanation anyway.

It’s also my mum’s birthday today. I was born 5 days before her birthday. Happy birthday mum, the woman who God used to birth me. My sister and gist partner. Love you so much.

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