Staying positive in difficult situations

staying positive in difficult situations

Forget the beautiful pictures on Instagram, the funny post on Facebook and whatever we get to be up to on twitter, there are times when getting out of bed in the morning is a real struggle. Sometimes, I ask myself why we have to go through a lot of pain and disappointment, but I am reminded that it’s all part of being alive.


The year is coming to a close and I cannot for the life of me fathom how I made it this far. The ride through has been a roller coaster.



Real talk, I don’t actually believe that there is anyone out there, who does not feel down from time to time even if it looks like they have everything going for them. If you never see them complain, it is probably because they have learned to place more emphasis on the good times.


Some may see it as pretense, but I see it differently. It will be foolish of anyone to think that we are hyper all day.


I am a firm believer in sharing after the storms. Then it becomes a testimony, that way, you are not putting a dapper on anyone’s spirit. You are being a source of light and encouragement, that they can also get through unpleasant situations.


Ways I stay positive during difficult times


Gratitude and prayer

Many times when I feel negative thoughts trying to creep their way into my sub-conscious, I list all the things I should be grateful for and dwell on them. I imagine the worse-case scenario, and give thanks for not getting to that point.


I lost my mum sometime this year, and for me it is the single most tragic event that has ever happened to me. Any other not so pleasant circumstance I have had to deal with, pales in comparison, and trust me I have had plenty of those.


But anytime the feeling of sadness starts to creep in, I am reminded of how gallant she was even as she faced death. Like basically, her last words to me were her in characteristic hyper tone telling me everything was great, and she remained thankful.


I can’t count how many times playing out praise songs, or any other song that speaks to me and breaking out in imaginative dance sessions has lifted me out of any funk mood I had found myself. Imaginative, because I don’t physically get up and dance, but my imagination is strong, I can picture myself dancing to whatever I was listening to, and get the same effect without the sweat.


Surround Yourself with positive people

There is no denying the influence people can have on a person. I do not ever underestimate the power a call made to the right person can help to lift your spirit. Sometimes, they may not even have any solution to help you get on the right track, but sometimes they can help you see things objectively.


Sincerely, being around people who are constantly complaining is draining. Especially people who do and never offer up a solution, and even when a solution is proffered, they are the first to kick against it. Okay, give us a better idea, no, they just complain.


This is not to say you should have people who only see through rose colored glasses around you, but those who see it but don’t make it the center of everything. Staying positive in a difficult situation has a lot to do with attitude.



Social media unplug

I am an ardent user of social media but I will be the first to let you know that, If you are not careful, you will continually feel like your life is in shambles and everyone out there is living great.


Then you start feeling very sorry for yourself. You will keep getting anxious and wonder why your life is not moving at the same pace as the next person, forgetting that you have come a long way yourself. You are the one doing that to yourself, no one else.


Daily the media is filled with all kinds of negativity and you are a sum total of what you consume.


Sure there is a lot of positive ideas and inspiration that can also be drawn from social media. Use social media but don’t allow it to make you its tool.


Unplugging from social media is the best self care tool you have at your disposal.


Sleep over it

Lastly, A lot can happen in 24 hrs. A lot can happen overnight, and even though nothing specific happens, negative situations can appear less menacing after a period. Sometimes all you need to get through is good food, a good night sleep and prayer.


In closing, I am not some pretty perfect thing. There are times I give in and allow myself to wallow in my silent self pity, but those times are few and far out. One of these things listed above is sure to do the trick.




staying positive in difficult suituations


Now may the Lord of peace give you peace at all times and in every way… 2 Thess 3 v 16 (NIV)


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(4) Comments

  1. OluwaDamilola Abe says:

    Hmmm.. True words. Of recebt, I had to go off WhatsApp for some reasons- negativities especially. I was exhausted, almost loosing my mind, it was the best decision ever.

    Social media can be draining for real. We need to be intentional about our health.

    Most times, I listen to songs, and I speak to some friends before bouncing back.

    1. Legalalien says:

      Yeah, it can be draining. And the song part is ??

  2. Derrick says:

    Hi Naomi. It is great to read some inspirational messages from you and your blog is fantastic. Its been 4 years since we last met in Esbjerg (Stomgarde and Sydansk (Msc. Public Health)!). Keep it up and God bless. (Derrick)

    1. Legalalien says:

      Thank you so much. It really been a while.

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