Naomi's Diary

Naomi’s Diary: Book launch, Missing bus, and re-unions.

Naomi's Diary

Been a while I have posted about my daily activities. life has been quite busy but I am grateful for the privilege to have a lot of things take up my time. In happy news, my friend Olubummi Mabel just launched her second book. As per Love doctor, it has to do with relationships this time. Available soon on both her website and Amazon, it is titled “101 simple ways to spice up your marriage”. Enough of all those boring marriages, God did not create marriage for us to kill ourselves with boredom. IF you don’t know what to do this book is for you. Even if you know what to do, there are better ways of doing things so this book would definitely be beneficial to you.

Finally got around to travel. I do love to travel and my dream job will be one that takes me to a lot of places. This was an in country travel though, just to the first city I lived When I first moved to Denmark. It was a time of Joy full re-union with my peeps, although It was such a lot of hassle getting there. Seemed like some forces in the universe did not want me to go. I mean. how will you explain this, I missed the bus I first booked by just a minute, I bought another ticket and this time decided to take the train, still missed the train by just a minute. Village people? Anyway, the force in me is greater and even though I did not get there the time I had planned, I got there still.

I have since learnt to enjoy every moment and not sweat the things I can’t change. Do the best I can and go with the flow.

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