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Looking at a bigger picture

Have not posted on this blog in a while, life has been happening. lots of things I have wanted to post but I could not get myself to click the publish button. Writing for me is an outer, a way of escape in an unexplainable kind of way… Let’s just leave it at that.

It’s easy to say how we want things to go or how we would act differently before we get into a situation, but one thing life has taught me so far is that talk is cheap and in as much as we think we would do better in certain situations, being in the staduim as a spectator and actually being a player on the field are two different things. As a spectator, you have a vantage position of seeing the whole field and not being under intense pressure, you are just sitting there thinking to yourself why doesn’t that player just do this or do that, while the player on the field sees only what is directly in front or by his side and has less than a split second to make a decision that could make or Mar.

So what’s the essence of looking at a bigger picture, be easy on the judgement, he who does not wear the shoe would not know how it pinches. An even if the wearer tries to explain in the best way possible, you still might not be able to fully comprehend how the pained wearer feels if you have never worn a shoe that caused you that kind of pain. It’s easy to judge and criticise but just before you say that not so kind word, stop a few minutes and think about what the word would do, and how when words are spoken they are like broken fresh egg shells that can never be put back together again. ( singing,” humpty dumpty sat on the wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty dumpty together again”).

It would be awesome if we bear in mind always that a person in any situation would likely profit better from someone who empathises and tries to ‘profer’ not ‘force’ a solution than one who sits on a high horse of self righteousness even with the best of intentions. Also, it would be great to remember that “life happenings” (for lack of a better word)  is not a one size fits all.

Let me publish this before I change my mind?.

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