How to make your boyfriend miss you

Do you want to make your boyfriend miss you? Do you feel like the spark is fading from your relationship and everything is just getting boring? To keep the spark alive, sometimes you have to make your man miss you.

It is time to pull up a few tricks, trust me it does not hurt to try.

As much as you want to make your boyfriend miss you, you also do not want to overdo it, so that you don’t go from being missed to being completely forgotten.

It is even harder when you are in a long distance relationship when you are not physically present.

Absence makes the heart fonder, but for absence to make the heart fonder, there has to be something special and authentic about you that will make him miss you.



1) Avoid texting him all the time

If you are always the first to text, it isĀ  time to pull back and allow him take the lead.

A lot of guys love and appreciate the chase, the hard to get works but do not take it to the extreme.

When emotions are involved, it can be hard to give him that space but for your own good and the sake of your relationship. I know you are itching to text, but hold onto to that itch.

Many guys complain when girls are too clingy especially at the early stages of the relationship, it makes them feel trapped in some way, and they tend to pull away.


2) Get busy

Get busy with the things you love doing.

When you are busy, you will have less time to be obsessed over your boyfriend.

Don’t allow your relationship stop you from having a life outside your relationship. Your relationship with your boyfriend should not the beginning and end of your life.

Don’t be too emotionally dependent on him. Get a life.

Excessive attention on your partner can get boring really fast. Get a life and give him space.

Don’t answer his calls on the first ring like you have been sitting around waiting all day from him to call. Make him wait at least a little.


3) Be mysterious

You want to share, and it is good to share but before you go sharing every little detail of your life, you both have to be on the same page.

If he is drawing back, then it means he has not fully committed himself to the relationship, and he still has some feelings and emotions to sort through, therefore you also need to keep some aspects of your life private.

Be mysterious, let him dig deep to find out more about him. It will keep him curious, invested and interested.

There is especially necessary at the beginning of a relationship, where you both are still testing the waters. If he knows everything about you in the first week, what will be discussing in the coming weeks?

Don’t get too comfortable too fast. Keep some parts of you mysterious and release them little by little.


4) Be remarkable

Let there be something about you that he has to keep coming back to get from you. Be remarkable and unforgettable.

Maybe you give good advice, so anytime he is stuck, and needs some form of advice, he will run back to you.

Try to get inside his head and know those things that really interest him. Know what makes him tick, know what he wants in a relationship and be those things.

Communicate him in a way that he will understand. Make him feel like an hero anytime you are with him, make him feel needed, so when you are not there he will miss that part of you.


5) Don’t stop your life for him

There are things you wanted to do before you met him, don’t give those up and bend over backwards and be eager to please.

Have your own vision and purpose for your life and keep pursuing them.

Its okay to make little changes to adjust to the life you are building together, but you have to remember that he is still a boyfriend, not a husband, so you should not be uprooting your whole life for him just yet.


6) Hang out with your friends

Have your own friends and hang out with them without him.

Sure, there are times when you can all hang out together, but to make your boyfriend miss you, have time separate where you hang out with your friends.

Do not make the mistake of deserting your friends immediately you get into a relationship. You will regret it, because your boyfriend cannot fulfill all your needs.

Don’t always call him when you are with your friends.

Let him always look forward to having you back and you can fill him in on all the fun you had with them. Let him know you can have fun without him.


7) Have great experiences that only two of you share

Share great experiences together and try new things, make him always remember you whenever he comes across those things.

It can be a unique spot to eat, so anytime he gets food from that place he thinks of you.

Have a favorite scent that will always remind him of you.


8) Be spontaneous

Men love a good surprise and even though he says he does not love surprise, he would surely love something spontaneous and unplanned from you.

Order food for him to be delivered, suggest spontaneous road trips or hikes on the weekend, show him that you are up for a good challenge.

Try not to over do it though. Moderation is key.


9) Be yourself

As much as you are doing all this things to make your boyfriend miss you, make sure your character and personality you put out is authentic.

If you are putting on an act, it will get tiring soon enough and your true nature will be revealed, so be authentic from the beginning.

Let him choose you for who you are.


10) End the conversation first

Be the first to suggest an end to conversations, even when you have nothing to do.

Always keep him wanting for more time with you.


11) Give him space

Give him space to do his own thing. He needs it and even when he wants to always spend time with you, suggest he time out with the guys instead.

Also don’t give him grief when he wants to spend time with his friends, or time apart doing other things that do not include you.




12) Stop trying too hard to make him appreciate you

When you try too hard, you will chase him away, so be chill.

Know your worth. He might be everything you want in a guy, but you are also worth it.

When you know your worth, it will show in the way you carry yourself.

Don’t force things and don’t try to speed up the relationship.

Let it flow.



How to make your boyfriend miss you

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