Sure signs a guy likes you

Sure signs a guy likes you

So you see this guy you like but the signals you are getting back are not so clear.

You don’t want to be forward but you are curious if he into you like the way you already are into him.

Maybe he is not the expressive type, a man of little words as I like to call them, or maybe you have been hurt so much by a guy who claimed to like you and later on, disappointed you, so you are skeptical.

Well, it happens to the best of us, and it is not fun not knowing where to place a guy you are into. Let me save you from wondering too much.

Asked a couple of my male friends who are not players by the way and truly love their partners and are faithful to them what signs they give off when they are into someone.

What better way to know than directly from the horses mouth, without further ado, here is what they said.


1) They always want to be in your company

A guy that is into you, will always want to come around you, even if there is no occasion for it, they may make up some excuse just to be in the same place you are.

It would seem that your very presence gives them life. He is fond of you and never gets tired of your company.


2) They are quick to reply your messages

Except he is occupied, a guy who is into you won’t keep your messages hanging unnecessarily.

They would be quick to reply any message you send them.


3) They are always of help to you

They go out of their way to help you and make out avenues where they can be of help even without you asking.

For example, If they have a car, they can volunteer to drop you off at places, because they enjoy being always in your company.


4) The little things matter

When a man loves you, he takes notice of the little things that mean a lot to you. He is also very conscious of your unspoken little needs.

He can notice that your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be on your bad day, he notices when you are not in the mood to talk.

Such guy notices when you have a new hair cut or new nails.



Sure signs a man likes you


5) They are constantly checking up on you

They are constantly calling or leaving you messages to find out how you are doing.

Communication is key in any relationship and a guy who is into you will not leave you for long periods of time without keeping in touch.

Even if he is very busy, he makes you feel he cares by leaving even if its just a text message.


6) No Judgement zone

They do not judge your past decisions.

They accept you as a total package with your past experiences making you out to be the amazing person you are now.


7)They are always looking for ways to build you up

He might not have vocalized his feelings yet, but a guy who is into you would want you to do better in every area of your life.

If its your career, he looks out for opportunities that can make you grow in it.

He may even suggest courses that you could take to become an asset, I know this from personal experience.


8) He respects your boundaries

A guy who is into will respect whatever boundaries you set even when he may not necessarily agree with them.

He accepts your No as No, and does not force you to do anything against your will, or put you in a position you are not comfortable with.


9) He tries to be on his best behavior around you

A guy who is into you would want you to see the best in him, so he will try his best to be a total gentleman around you.

You are not visiting him and his house is totally in a mess. He will put in the effort to make sure everything looks prim and proper before you arrive.

It is not pretending, it is just presenting his best self. Anyone going to see the queen, always tries to put on their best clothing.

It is only after he has gotten so used to you, that you may begin to catch his slacks.


10) He is a good listener

He listens carefully to you and maintains eye contact, and even in periods where you think he is not paying much attention, you would realize later that he was actually listening when he begins to act on the things he has heard you talk about.


11) He is willing to make some changes for you

Compromise is key. A guy who wants you, would be willing to make some little changes that accommodate you in his life.

For example, if he smokes and he knows you can’t stand the smoke from cigarettes, he may never smoke around you or can even give up smoking completely.


12) He appreciates your time

A man that is into you, would appreciate every moment he spends with you, because he sees it as a blessing.

He also appreciates any little thing you do for him.


13) He shows interests in the things that interest you

If you are a blogger/writer like me, a guy that is into you would find time to read through your post, just to show interest. He will want to know your friends.

He will watch your favorite TV show just to know why you like it.


14) He introduces you to important people in his life

He can slowly begin to introduce you to people who are of significance to him.

A guy that is into you will want you to meet his friends and the people he hangs around with.

He will talk about you to his family.


15) He treats you different

He treats you special. Even in a group. you are his utmost priority, and he pays you more attention.


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