Signs of a healthy relationship

Every normal person desires to be in a relationship that is healthy. Relationships are an important aspect of our existence here on earth, we can not do without them.

It is important to understand that no relationship is perfect, you create your own perfection. In spite of the imperfections of any relationship, you can still determine when such relationship is healthy.



A healthy relationship is one in which both parties are connected based on several factors.

These factors are what make up the entirety of the whole relationship.


Here the signs of an healthy relationship


1) There is Trust

There is no healthy relationship without trust. Trust is the bedrock of any relationship.

Trust is reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person.

Without trust, a relationship lacks the the basic foundation on which a relationship stands, and before long it will crumble.



Without trust, you will not feel secure in your relationship and there will be the constant fear that your partner may do something to hurt you.

When you trust, you do not double check statements, you are not paranoid over their actions and inaction’s, because you believe that whatever they say is true.



There is actually no real love without trust, if you love somebody they should trust you, and if they love you, then you should be able to trust them.


2) There is friendship

So a lot of articles and research have emphasized and established the need to maintain friendship with your partner.

At the end of everything, on those days when you have made each other angry, and you do not feel the butterflies in your tummy, it is the friendship you have developed that will keep you going.



Being friends goes a long way to guarantee how long your relationship may last.

Having the ability to share experiences together, having shared interests, has great advantages.

A healthy relationship is one in which both partners have been able to connect and become friends with each other.


3) There is honesty

You are completely honest with each other.


4) A healthy relationship does not have you questioning your worth

In a healthy relationship, there is no questioning of your worth. Instead, a healthy relationship serves as a boost to your self esteem.

In a healthy relationship, you both do not treat one another or make one another feel less than and undeserving of love.



If the longer you stay in a relationship, you start to question your worth, then you need to re-evaluate and consider the effect the relationship has on you.


5) Actions match words

Words and actions match each other. You both do not agree on one thing and then go ahead to act another.


6) There is Independence

As much as you are a couple, you are both able to still exist as two different individuals.

You both are still able to be yourselves outside of the relationship.


7) There is mutual respect

You respect one another’s boundaries and try to help each other maintain them. You value one another’s beliefs and opinions.

Your partner respects you enough to honor the boundaries you have set for yourself, especially when it concerns your core values, and vice versa.


8) You are not cornered to be with them

If there is anything absolute about loving somebody, it is that, love should be without compulsion.

If you feel that you need to love because of one thing or the other then your relationship is likely unhealthy.



A healthy relationship is one in which both partners choose to be with each other not based on any form of compulsion.

Being bored, or lonely is not a good reason to be in a relationship, neither because your friends are all in a relationship and you also want to be.


9) No one feels like they settled

In a healthy relationship, you do not feel like you just settled for your partner and they also do not feel the same.

You had options but you choose each other over and over again. You are both honored to be in a relationship with each other.


10) You both look for ways to improve each other

In a healthy relationship, you and your partner work continuously to improve each other.

You pick up each others slack.  They like to hear you talk about your dreams, visions and aspirations, and they strive to help you achieve it in whatever way they can.


11) Their happiness is your happiness and vice versa

They are happy if you are happy and you are happy if they are happy.


12) You are both selfless and kind

A healthy relationship is one in which both of you are selfless. You put the needs of the other first.

You care for each other.


13) Equal efforts

The effort you both put into making the relationship work, does not come from only one end.

It is a team effort with both partners contributing their own quota to make sure the relationships works.



There is a balance in the relationship, and no one feels like they are being used.


14) Three is a crowd

A relationship is between two people are they end of the day, three is a crowd.

You pay less attention to how others want you to act/behave in your relationship.

You and your partner are not seeking to continually act the way others want you to act, or live up to external expectations.

In a healthy relationship, you both do not allow third parties to have the ultimate say, in the direction your relationship should go.


15) There is Clear Communication

They do not keep you guessing on where you stand with them.

In a healthy relationship, there is a clear communication on wants, needs and desires.

Plans are not made ambiguously, and each partner includes the other in their future plans.


16) You both take responsibility

In a healthy relationship, partners take responsibility for their actions and do not keep passing on the blame.



17) Fun

You have fun together, and you both love to be in each other’s company.

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